For the third consecutive year, ReadersMagnet will take part in the world’s largest book fair, the Frankfurter Buchmesse commonly known as the Frankfurt International Book Fair.

The Origins of Frankfurt Buchmesse

The 2019 Frankfurter International Book Fair will happen this October 16 to October 20, 2019, at the Frankfurt Trade fair grounds in Frankfurt, Germany.

The modern Frankfurter Buchmesse has a rich and long history. Its roots and tradition date back to more than 500 years, during the early days of Johannes Gutenberg’s printing press.

The origin of the fair started with Johann Fust and Peter Schöffer who thought of organizing a trade fair for printed books. From there, the fair became a central venue both for merchants marketing books and for scholars seeking new opportunities.

Over the years, it developed as the most important book fair in Europe along with the Leipzig Book Fair. In 1949, the first post-World War II book fair was held at the St. Paul’s Church. Since then, the Frankfurt regain its prestige that continues to this today.

Ideas That Move the World

The five-day event covers various exciting activities for authors, visitors, and the rest of the participants. Below are some of the activities that we can expect at the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair.

Frankfurt Audio. The Frankfurt Audio is a venue for marketing audiobooks, podcasts, and all other audio products. Here, you will meet authors, writers, and voice talents behind these audio content. Frankfurt Audio will be at Hall 3 at a weekend.

Frankfurt Authors. This program is one of the main features of the Frankfurter Buchmesse. This is where bloggers, writers, and self-published authors gather to establish connections, exchange ideas and find the right publishing and book marketing services that fit their needs. It features a forum where can meet with their readers, present their works to the community and with fellow writers.

Gourmet Gallery. Every year the Gourmet Gallery attracts food lovers, cookbook enthusiasts, and health nutritionists. Its impressive show kitchen draws trade visitors and the viewing public in general.

The Arts+/B3. A Fair and an art exhibit at the same time, this programs brings together art, culture, a technology offering a modern and interactive platform for today’s digital artists.

Frankfurt Cosplay. Throughout the whole event, there is cosplay everywhere and there will be various programs scattered along the Agora, the Guest of Honour Forum, Halls 3 and 4.

Campus Weekend. Campus Weekend is literally a weekend for students. It’s a science fair, a party, and the latest trends in the science industry rolled into one at Hall 4.2.

Publishing Services & Retail. It is a discussion program that features class panels, speakers and more than 50 publishing experts. Relevant trends in book trade will be discussed here.

Agora. The Agora is the heart of the Frankfurter Buchmess. It is where all the exciting events happen. For five day, various events and activities are featured at the Agora.

Weltempfang. The Weltempfang is a dialogue sponsored by the Frankfurter Buchmesse and the German Federal Foreign Office. It is a venue for ideas and dialogue. For this year, it will feature Anthropocene: The Last Age? A discussion that focuses on the relationship between nature and culture.

Mess Frankfurt Exhibition Center and Trade Fair Grounds

The world’s largest book fair event only deserves the grandest venue Europe has to offer. For many years now, the Frankfurt International Book Fair is held at the prestigious Mess Frankfurt Exhibition Center and Trade Fair Grounds.

ReadersMagnet at the Frankfurt International Book Fair

As mentioned above, the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair is ReadersMagnet’s third year. The past few years have truly been meaningful for ReadersMagnet and its authors. We hope to replicate those successes and continue to bring our authors and their works to the international stage.

Join us and be a part of this year largest book fair event.