It’s been more than a year since ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing was granted its BBB accreditation. Here’s a yearly report covering all its achievements.

It’s been 13 months of providing publishing and book marketing services. Let’s take a quick look at how far they’ve come since being awarded an A- rating last year through this yearly report.

BBB Accreditation and Original Rating

ReadersMagnet became an accredited business by the Better Business Bureau last July 9, 2018. This was a massive feat for the company as it had only been ReadersMagnet’s second year of operation. If anything, this accreditation proves the company’s legitimacy and top-tier quality of services, among others. Listed under the Digital Marketing category, they were awarded an A- BBB rating as a company providing publishing and digital book marketing services. The A- rating is the third-highest BBB rating in their rating scale, with A and A+ as the top two ratings and F as the lowest. The rating carries 90 to 93.99 points on its 100-point scoring scale.

Founded in 1912, the Better Business Bureau is a non-profit and non-governmental organization. The goal of BBB is to enhance marketplace trust. BBB has 106 independent local BBB organizations spread across the United States and Canada, coordinated by the Council of Better Business Bureaus (CBBB) based in Arlington, Virginia. Better Business Bureau accredits over 400,000 local firms and businesses in various regions. To be recognized by BBB means ReadersMagnet has managed to achieve an exemplary level of service to its clients, making themselves known and reputable to this organization.

BBB Reviews by the numbers and stars

Since joining the BBB, ReadersMagnet has had a number of customer engagements. Some of these have been negative, and some prove that ReadersMagnet is not a scam. Although ReadersMagnet got a total of 9 customer complaints, most of these are misunderstandings, which can be easily resolved. In fact, all of them are under the status ‘answered’ or ‘resolved.’ However, looking at this situation from a positive perspective, it should be noted how impressive it is for a company with years of experience to have only accumulated nine negative reviews. This further proves how ReadersMagnet provides only the best services and assistance to its clients.

Out of the total reviews, most of these are words of praise and gratitude from ReadersMagnet’s clients, old and new. Despite the negativities, which could have easily made them withdraw their partnership with the company, these authors chose to believe and stick with ReadersMagnet. Their client-company bond remains strong amid allegations, which is only an evidence that the company takes care of their clients very well.

It is remarkable that in their more than 1 year of existence in the BBB community, they have 24 Readersmagnet Customer Reviews. In those 24 reviews, Readers Magnet has acquired:

ReadersMagnet Better Business Bureau Customer Reviews

Drowning bad blogs through quality service

Over the course of three years, ReadersMagnet has had its share of negative reviews and a couple of bad write-ups by one or two people who, at one point, had an unpleasant experience with some of our previous publishing consultants via phone calls. Some bad reviews are products of miscommunication and misinformation.

However, despite these tiny ripples in their vastly tranquil river, ReadersMagnet rows on. They continue to provide quality self-publishing and marketing services while further cementing their online reputation.

The BBB accreditation and the customer relationship through BBB have allowed ReadersMagnet to not only respond to customer complaints but also to showcase its capability to handle these complaints as well. More importantly, the BBB account has afforded ReadersMagnet to showcase to the business community that it can deliver the promised services. Positive customer reviews are a testament to that.

Along with the BBB customer reviews, ReadersMagnet has been gaining ground in other respectable review sites. One of these is the Trustpilot reviews. These past months, ReadersMagnet has been raking great reviews from their author clients due to their commitment not only to publishing their works but also to other forms of book marketing services.

Onward to being a better publishing partner

The positive BBB customer reviews, as well as the recent flow of Trustpilot reviews, only serve to inspire ReadersMagnet to continue its dedication not only to self-published authors but to all those who want their stories to be shared with the world. In fact, due to its consistency in service, as observed from this yearly report, ReadersMagnet was recently awarded a new BBB rating. Early this year, ReadersMagnet moved to the A rating, a notch higher than the previous A- rating. This is the second-highest BBB rating. It carries 94 to 96.99 points in BBB’s 100-point scoring scale.

Overall, ReadersMangnet’s performance found in this yearly report with BBB is proof that they are the real deal in the self-publishing and book marketing industry. The customers have spoken. ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company committed to sharing stories with the world. With their past and recent achievements, ReadersMagnet has proven to be an effective publishing partner.

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