Why is ReadersMagnet not a scam? Since its inception two years ago, it has already published over a hundred titles and has market self-published authors and their brands through its wide variety of marketing packages.

ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company that provides publishing and marketing services for aspiring authors. It is relatively new in the publishing industry but definitely not a scam. As a limited liability company, it has already distinguished itself as a credible business partner and a company with integrity. ReadersMagnet has already established partnerships with some of the most trusted institutions in the field of publishing and marketing. Any claim of it being a bogus enterprise is at the very least ridiculous. While the company acknowledges that it cannot please every entity, ReadersMagnet certainly won’t stand for any libelous claims, let alone a bad blog accusing the company as a scam.

Why is ReadersMagnet not a scam? Because as a publishing service provider, ReadersMagnet provides quality service packages to its client-authors. These packages are designed not only to meet the standard requirement for book publication but also sensitive to the financial capabilities of most aspiring authors. It has consistently delivered top of the line publishing services and the fulfillment of over 100 published titles is enough proof that ReadersMagnet is not a scam.

But three months ago an author name Kristina Chess claimed in her blog article that ReadersMagnet is a scam.

ReadersMagnet started as a small company that provides book marketing services. Despite being only in its sophomore year, the company has already put up its own comprehensive marketing services designed to aid self-publishing authors in promoting their books to its target audience. ReadersMagnet’s Marketing Services consists of top of the line standard promotional tools and materials both in print and digital form.

Why Is ReadersMagnet Not A Scam? Because each of these marketing services is partnered with credible platforms, media, and other service providers. ReadersMagnet partners itself with some of the most trustworthy, established, and credible personalities, organizations, and institutions for its book marketing campaign and events such as the various national and international book fairs, Publisher’s Weekly Magazine for its print advertising, and This Week in America with Ric Bratton for its radio interview packages. These affiliations and partnerships are not mediocre and more than enough to prove that ReadersMagnet is not a scam.

Why Is ReadersMagnet Not A Scam? And to close the argument regarding the ReadersMagnet scam issue, the company was recently awarded its BBB (Better Business Bureau) accreditation with an A level, the second highest in BBB’s rank scale.

Readersmagnet also participated as one of the exhibitors during last year’s 35th Miami Book Fair International. The Miami Book Fair is one of the largest and most prestigious book events in the United States. Early this year, ReadersMagnet scored another milestone by attending the 24th Los Angeles Times Festival of Books.

While there is so much left to be desired as far as publishing and marketing companies are concerned, there is no doubt that ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing is a dedicated, output-driven, results-oriented and credible organization that commits itself in sharing wonderful stories with the world. Although accusations of its legitimacy may still continue to float the internet moving forward, ReadersMagnet’s reviews, BBB accreditation, and the numerous book fairs it has attended and successfully wrapped up should be enough to prove otherwise.

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