A story is not a story unless you share it with others. The purpose of every narrative is to be passed on to others, to be read and be heard by others. Every author’s dream is to see printed copies of his or her story being read by the people.

Publishing a book is no easy feat and for self-published authors, the road to publication and book promotion can be daunting, to say the least.

But self-publishing does not mean working each task alone; authors can choose to have partners. And choosing the right partner for your book marketing can make all the difference.

Book Lovers First

ReadersMagnet is a self-publishing company composed of publishing and marketing experts whose dedication is rooted in our love of books and stories that deserved to be shared. We are driven by the idea that narratives and those who tell them deserve to be heard. We believe that narratives matter because each narrative is the habitation of one’s, emotions, experiences, memories, dreams, and ideas. Each narrative is unique and should be preserved and shared with its rightful audience. ReadersMagnet exists to help aspiring authors fulfill their dreams by working with them in creating a physical form of their narrative and make sure that their story is shared with the world.

Author’s Ally

Each day, hundreds of books are being published, stories waiting to be discovered by the reading public. Sadly, some stories get drowned and trapped in the abyss along with their respective authors. The lack of resources, skills, commitment, and right book promotion partner often does that to an aspiring brand. ReadersMagnet Marketing Services has the resources to equip self-published authors with all the necessary marketing tools and strategies to launch their book promotion campaign. Our comprehensive marketing services include marketing materials, print materials, press release campaign, book review, book signing, book fair and radio interview. We also engage the digital platform through our online brand publicity, dynamic website, book trailer, social media advertising, and SEO through blogging. But more than this wide variety of marketing arsenal, the greatest weapon we offer our allied authors is our commitment and passion to share their stories to its rightful audience and make sure they get the recognition it truly deserves.

Choose the Right Partner Today

Surely, ReadersMagnet is just one of the many self-publishing companies who offer their services to authors who wish to self-publish. But what sets us apart from other self-publishing companies is that we treat every book like a journey. Whether it’s romance, fantasy fiction, crime thriller, spirituality, self-help or autobiography, we work with our authors every step of the way. We think of them as partners, not as clients. We recognize that self-publishing authors have different demands and resource limitations. No matter, our book promotion services pride itself with providing our partners with expert recommendations, friendly approach, and creative vision through our service packages that are sensitive to budgetary considerations. Each book is a journey and we intend to make each journey memorable for our authors.

Here at ReadersMagnet, we commit ourselves as allies to aspiring authors in their publishing and marketing journey. Partner with us and let us share your story with the world!

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