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As a self-publishing company, ReadersMagnet recognizes the challenges that its authors face in further promoting their books to the public. Committed to sharing stories with the world, ReadersMagnet sees the need to support its authors with online book purchases as well as promoting online author profiles.

This year, ReadersMagnet finally launched its online bookstore to help its authors sell more books. This will also provide customers convenient access to all books published by the company.

Book Purchasing Made Super Easy

With ReadersMagnet Bookstore, buyers can now search for a title with the option to purchase the print (paperback or hardback) or Kindle version. Customers can pay with their credit or debit card. Website transactions are guaranteed safe and easy. What is more exciting is that ReadersMagnet Bookstore is so easy to browse even on your smartphones. Even the not-so techy customers can easily check and buy the books they want.

Providing Good Reads for Everyone

ReadersMagnet Bookstore provides readers with plenty of books and reading materials to choose from, and at very reasonable prices. From children’s illustrated books to inspirational Christian books, we have it. ReadersMagnet also has a long list of sci-fi novels, mystery thrillers, crime, and other fiction novels.

ReadersMagnet Bestsellers 2020

Oscar the Mighty Crab

Oscar the Mighty Crab by Penny Higgins

A story about a crab named Oscar, this Penny Higgins children’s storybook is among the many picture books available on our shelf.

Going Against the Tide-Prophetically

Going Against the Tide- Prophetically by Walter Madenford

Author and bible expert Walter Madenford shares his knowledge about the scripture in this passionate enlightening, and provocative work about the biblical doctrines.

Brightly, the Grounded Angel

Brightly, the Grounded Angel by Gay Sizemore Sauer

A unique and funny read, Brightly, the Grounded Angel tells the story of a one-winged angel who uses his angelic voice to calm newborn babies.

Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart
Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart

Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart by David Sedlacek

Cleansing the Sanctuary of the Heart is a must-read for those who want to reflect on their sins and wish to free their hearts from pain and anxiety.

New Releases

Gerald Brence Agent49

Agent 49 by Gerald Brence

Set in the 1940s, Agent 49 is the story of a master thief named Bill Hathaway. After being locked in jail following a drunken Saturday night brawl, Bill is recruited by the government. His mission is to keep an eye on Ted Hall, a young scientist working on the Manhattan project. Agent 49 follows Hathaway as he becomes a reluctant witness to the passing of the atomic bomb blueprint to Soviet Russia.

Eddie Naylor How To Keep Your Mind

How to Keep Your Mind When Everyone Else’s is Being Blown by Eddie Naylor

For Eddie Naylor, living in the twenty-first is living in a world full of risks, challenges, frustrations, and full of stressful new problems. They are scattered everywhere like landmines waiting to blow the people’s minds. Naylor’s How to Keep Your Mind promises to guide us in coping up with the present-day society by tapping our “secret unique inner powers” and “life energy potential” locked inside ourselves, giving us an advantage. This edge is said to help us develop a “proactive” state of mind that will give us the power to dominate over these so-called land mines. 

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