Ethics in business seems to come in relevance only when a company is already bombarded with complaints and lawsuits. The story is different for the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and ReadersMagnet Publishing. The two companies put ethical practices in the marketplace of high importance.

ReadersMagnet, BBB, and Ethics

BBB is the go-to organization where consumers of products and services are getting recommendations for reliable agencies they can trust. Chiefly, BBB aims to have an ethical marketplace where buyers and sellers trust each other. Indeed, trust only comes when a company is following codes of conduct in business. That includes the moral and social values in the community.

For more than 100 years now, BBB has been recognizing and awarding companies that follow ethical standards in their industry, from construction services and roofing contractors to business services and publishing houses. Consequently, companies accredited by the Better Business Bureau secure trust and respect from customers and employees. This is especially important for small to medium-sized businesses.

After receiving an A+ rating from BBB in 2018, ReadersMagnet (RM) becomes one of the finalists for the BBB Torch Awards for Ethics this year. This recognition solidifies the dependability and reliability of the company. RM has been providing top-notch self-publishing and marketing services for considerable years now. This is especially important because RM is the only publishing agency recognized in the said prestigious awarding ceremony.

ReadersMagnet and the Principles of Business Ethics

  1. Rule of Publicity: The leaders, staff members, and publishing consultants of RM are always clear about what they want to do and what services they can deliver.
  2. Rule of Equivalent Price: The marketing experts of RM make sure that the pricing offered is based on research and trends in the industry. The company ensures that the expected value of the services is delivered accordingly.
  3. Rule of Conscience: From the leadership to the workforce, RM is composed of professionals who are skilled, experienced, and morally upright. There is no gray area in distinguishing between right and wrong in the business.
  4. Rule of Spirit of Service: RM is fully committed to providing seamless and excellent services to authors. Service is valued first over profit.

As a BBB A+ accredited agency, RM is grateful for the trust given by the authors and the dedication of its staff members. The company continues to uphold the ethical practices in the publishing and marketing industry verified by the Better Business Bureau itself.

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