ReadersMagnet has been a regular participating exhibitor in book events across the country. But this year, the company is also planning to travel to London and Mexico. This month, the agency will start 2023 with its attendance at the ALA Library Learning Experience in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The presence of ReadersMagnet at the ALA LLX this January is expected to be significant for self-published authors. Almost a hundred fifty book titles secured a place in the exhibition, and six indie authors confirmed to do book signings. Fairgoers will also have the chance to win Kindle devices with ReadersMagnet’s traditional Scavenger Hunt.

New Book Titles on Display

Committed to sharing authors’ stories with the world, ReadersMagnet will bring more than a hundred books to LibLearnX. Since we can’t take hundreds of authors along with us, we see to it that we have their books with us for display. This is an initiative to help new authors get exposure even with their book titles and book covers.

There are 500 thousand to one million books published yearly. If you include self-published authors, the number of new titles will go up to four million annually. ReadersMagnet aims to bring as many new books as possible to various book fairs nationwide and worldwide.

Self-Published Authors Signing

Six new and established authors are scheduled for a book signing with ReadersMagnet at the ALA LLX from January 27 to 30, 2023. The authors include Thomas Sheets, Dr. Charles Sampson, Stephen Reger, Yvonne Bronstorph, Dianne Lane, and Thomas Mcloughlin. Almost 20 visiting authors will also be around at the event.

Writers will not only meet and greet readers. They will also be able to connect with other authors and decision-makers to strengthen their network in the industry. Signing books is also a more personal and memorable way to get in touch with librarians, educators, and other fairgoers.

Scavenger Hunt and Kindle Prizes

The Scavenger Hunt of ReadersMagnet at the ALA LLX is designed to get more audience for the displayed books. With this game, participants will intentionally look for book titles and names of authors exhibited at the event. To make it more exciting, Kindle gadgets will be given to the winners.

Going to book fairs should not be boring. Aside from listening to keynote speakers and joining sessions, engaging with games, like the Scavenger Hunt, will make your time more productive. You will also start to get familiar with new books that you might get interested in.

To learn more about the ALA Library Learning Experience, you can visit LibLearnX’s website. For more information about ReadersMagnet, contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or [email protected]. We have experienced publishing consultants ready to answer your queries. Get in touch with us today!