Despite being accused of scamming authors out of their money, ReadersMagnet continues to prove its worth. In fact, in the recent BBB Torch Awards for Ethics, it’s the only publishing company landing itself as a finalist.

The world is, unfortunately, becoming more sinister as it is. Audacious people are causing chaos and harming others in the name of money or other resources. Hence, people must prioritize safety and security for whatever endeavors they’re entering. The higher the value they’re risking, the more reliable the company they should invest in.

In availing services, for instance, money is a huge liability. If it falls into the wrong hands, it’s gone forever. How should people ensure they aren’t putting their money on the line?

An Organization Checking Companies’ Trustworthiness

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a top and go-to company for measuring a business’s performance and trustworthiness for consumers. With BBB, they don’t need to gamble their money and waste time inquiring about products or services. BBB ensures consumers only connect with legitimate businesses that won’t swindle their money.

BBB lists companies with basic information, including their addresses, phone numbers, and years in the industry. This organization also grades companies on a scale of A to F based on various factors, including their trustworthiness and overall performance. Its grading system becomes a key factor for customers in choosing a company to utilize services or purchase products.

For consumers who only want the best services to ensure excellent outcomes, Better Business Bureau also holds its BBB Torch Awards. This ceremony celebrates companies that meet high standards of ethics and constantly provide their clients with exceptional and beyond satisfactory services. For companies to be nominated and win this BBB Torch Award, they must maintain a B or higher rating and resolve any customer complaints.

Hence, if you’re looking for service providers in any field, check Better Business Bureau’s list of businesses.

Where Does ReadersMagnet Fall Within All of These?

Throughout its years of offering publishing and marketing services, ReadersMagnet continues to be bombarded with accusations and allegations that they’re a fraudulent company. These claims raise the same issue: the company is extorting unsuspecting authors for their own benefit.

However, ReadersMagnet’s loyal and satisfied customers have, in return, constantly come to the company’s defense amid these assertions. With five years of service behind its name, ReadersMagnet has always lived up to its mission of providing authors with a remarkable experience by helping them boost their reputation and delivering their works to the desired audience. Yet despite these negative claims, ReadersMagnet has fared and initially got an A- BBB rating in 2018, becoming the only publishing company that cemented its legitimacy on Better Business Bureau’s list.

However, as a growing company with room for improvement, ReadersMagnet surely seizes every opportunity to better itself. With a surging number of published books and authors, the company continues to showcase why they have a growing clientele while keeping most of its authors. This evident exhibition of customers’ trust has become a reason for ReadersMagnet to improve its BBB rating. From this A-, the company has moved up the ranks and gained an A+ with an average of 4.77 stars out of 5 from a hundred and more customer reviews on its BBB business profile.

It’s All Going Up from Here

With this accreditation and official acknowledgment from Better Business Bureau, ReadersMagnet has no plans to stop its growth. The company is still committed to sharing the stories created by indie authors and helping boost their marketing needs, putting their clients’ dream fulfillment and best interest at heart. In fact, ReadersMagnet already has a long list of events to attend as a means of spreading their clients’ works and journeys throughout the world.

With 2023 fast approaching, ReadersMagnet invites authors looking for a trusted publishing and marketing company. Ready to share your stories with the world? ReadersMagnet is more than equipped to help make your dreams of becoming a published author come true.

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