How could today’s authors make their book trend and hit the bestseller list? First, they must write a great story. Second, they should land a competent literary agent and a reputable publishing firm. Last but not the least, promote the book across all channels.

Only a few promising authors will get the chance to promote their books on talk shows, go on book tours, get invited to literature classes or literary festivals, and even get recommended by celebrities who love to read. A lot of other authors won’t get lucky, but if they know their options and play their cards right, they could make up for their books’ lack of attention or celebrity endorsement.

Many independent book marketing firms like ReadersMagnet offer authors affordable, customized packages to market their books. These firms fully utilized the potential of the Internet to help authors increase their profile, build readership and meet sales expectations. But why the Internet? For the following reasons:

  • The Internet levels the playing field for all authors, whether successful or struggling.
  • The Internet is where almost all books (in print and in digital format) are found, displayed and sold. Many e-commerce sites offer free delivery of paperback and hardcover titles. Titles made available in popular bookstores are just a tiny fraction of what is available over the Internet, where even out-of-print titles abound.
  • In the new few years, physical bookstores will disappear due to rising e-commerce. Authors should build their online advantage early on before such an event becomes a reality.
Independent book marketing firms offer authors services and technologies that could help them share their story with the world. These services include:
  • Dynamic website design and development – Authors get a fully functional e-commerce website – a digitally connected marketplace at their fingertips, which will also serve as their author profile. If your book doesn’t get on your bookstore’s shelves, at least it appears online.
  • Social media marketing – Social media marketing helps “humanize” the whole book marketing process. This service puts the emphasis on people. Authors should tap the power of social media to connect with potential readers. You may not have a book tour or get invited to promote on a popular talk show, but if readers could find your book on Face, it’s fine.
  • SEO – Search engine optimization (SEO) aims to increase traffic to your dynamic website, build online visibility, and deliver faster ROI. In the absence of a celebrity endorsement, SEO is your ticket to first page on Google.
  • Press release campaign – Independent marketing firms need to tell media outlets that you have published a book and it’s worth reading. They will deliver content to news and press release distribution services to spread the word around. A well-written press release could be your pass to strong media publicity for your book.
Thanks to the Internet, every book, whatever the format and genre, will have the chance to trend and hit the bestseller list. Every promising author deserves an equal opportunity to promote their book alongside established authors in various social spheres.