Social Media accounts have been one of the greatest technological advances that made our lives better. Aside from the fact that it helps us relate to our loved ones and friends across the globe, it has also become a tool used by online brand publicist New York to market books online. Different social media accounts have its own functions and unique features that are helpful to its users. Today we’re going to tackle about the attributes of Twitter, and cut out the enigma whether it can really aid your online book marketing.

Twitter is NOT Just a Social Media, it’s A NEWS NETWORK

A research has affirmed that among the existing social media accounts, Twitter is used as a real-time news network for many users. The research was produced by the American Press Institute and Twitter in collaboration with the research firm DB5 who analyzed and compiled the results. The study involved an online survey of more than 4,800 social media users. The following results have greatly influenced the publicists’ strategy in approaching and using Twitter for their online marketing:

The 90% of the users said that they use Twitter for news and the majority of 74% stated that they use Twitter every day.
Roughly 40% of the respondents declared that they use Twitter to be alerted with breaking news and about 39% confirmed that they use Twitter to keep up with the general news.
73% of those users who use the service for news follow individual journalists, writers, commentators, and other individuals whose updates impact their lives. The 62% mentioned that they follow institutional and corporate accounts for updates.
Twitter Allows You to Customize EVERYTHING
Twitter has given its users the power to customize their feeds in order to get the news and updates that will be of help to them. It also provides its users the prerogative to follow certain people, companies, authors, publicists, businesses, and other accounts that will help them in their own field. As an author, you can be sure of your online marketing success by using Twitter and posting relevant news about you and your book. Remember that social media accounts have undergone a tremendous development, use it to create your own brand and to build your identity online. Once your readers can fully identify you from the other authors it is easier for them to trust you and to patronize your works.
Twitter Helps You Build Your Readers’ Loyalty Around the World
With the estimated 313 million monthly active users of Twitter, your target market might be out there. All you need to do is to be consistent of using this social media tool. You need to bear in mind of the things that might be significant to your followers, because by doing so you can attract more people. On the other hand, for you to build your own credibility and know the latest updates in the industry you need to follow authors, publicists, and other relatable parties.

Twitter, has widely improved the communication lines of people around the world, and this improvement will definitely benefit authors like you. It’s never too late to start using Twitter to help you boost your book marketing, be reminded that your readers will NEVER FIND YOU, UNLESS YOU WANTED TO BE FOUND!