One of the grandest literary fairs is back this spring (April 23-24) with an in-person event filled with excellent storytellers and notable influencers.

This year, the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books will be reading you magnificent stories and sharing inspiring life lessons on the lovely campus of the University of Southern California. This book fair will bring you closer to your favorite authors as it offers you one-on-one conversations, readings, and exciting panels.

What the Festival of Books Expects from You

As authors, the LA Times Festival of Books wants you to inspire other authors and readers to spark change in the world through literature. By imparting your creations to the attendees, you encourage them to take the same stand in believing that they, too, can impact the world. Over 150,000 attendees will join you and listen to the message and lessons you wish to convey through your books.

Known as the most extensive national book fair, well-known authors and influencers will attend the Festival of Books. You may listen to their stories and ideas as an author or simply an attendee. For starting writers, this book fair is the perfect time for you to be inspired and encouraged by your co-writers and get foolproof tips for writing. Get motivating and enlightening words from authors who have been in your position before and are now publishing book after book. There’s no better person to receive encouragement and advice from than someone you can see eye to eye.

How to Register

Signing up or purchasing yourself a ticket is very simplified. All you need to do is click some buttons!

For authors who wish to have a book signing event or see their books displayed, you may register through Readersmagnet.

What you need to do is go to the Events button on the upper row. This will take you to a list of upcoming events we will join as exhibitors. Pro-Tip! You may register beforehand for the other book fairs you wish to join. Once you’re on the Events page, you will fund a Sign-Up button under the Featured Event portion, which will bring you to the information sheet you need to fill in. This will only require your basic information, such as your Name, Contact Number, and Email Address. Do double-check the details you’ve inputted. Our consultants will reach out to you afterward and formally invite you to the event. They will also be asking you what you would be purchasing for the book fair, whether you wish to experience a book signing or if you only wish for your books to be displayed.

What’s the difference?

 Book Signing

During the book signing, you get to have your chance of publicity and grow a steady amount of readers and followers. In a book signing, you aren’t just joining as an author and signing your books to your readers; you’re also attending as an influencer who will be able to share their ideas and stance on some issues with them. If you sign with ReadersMagnet, you won’t just have a spot of your own during the book festival; you will also be getting different book signing materials depending on what you availed from us, such as business cards, bookmarks, and others.

 Book Display

Book fairs are done for authors to showcase their masterpieces. Book display will allow you to display any form of material from you, whether a physical copy of your book or an eBook. ReadersMagnet displays eBooks using large monitors to catch attendees’ attention. Interested people may read up to a couple of pages from your book if it catches their attention. 

For readers who wish to meet and buy their tickets, you can purchase your tickets on April 17 at the LA Times Festival of Books website. These tickets are for conversations and panel tickets. If you can’t grab your ticket this 17th, you can still purchase tickets on-site at the festival ticketing booth. This booth will open at 9AM each day of the festival.

If you wish to join the festival and give your publicity as an author, register on our website now. You may also contact us at 1-800-805-0762 or reach us through our social media accounts: Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

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