For Self-published authors, being noticed helps level the playing field as far as book marketing is concerned. Of all the marketing tools none is more important and fulfilling as a book review with positive remarks.

Book reviews are game-changers. As I’ve mentioned before in the past ReadersMagnet blog articles, book reviews can make or break an author’s writing career. For self-published authors, book reviews are a very important component in book marketing strategy. One cannot build marketing machinery without the contribution of positive book reviews.

According to David Wogahn of ,

“The challenge for self-publishers, especially new authors who have small or nonexistent networks, is to convince readers to add one more title to their to-be-read pile. Unfortunately, most self-publishers do not (yet) have a reputation that confers credibility upon their books. That’s where book reviews can help; they contribute credibility and raise awareness in four distinct ways:

  • Customer reviews encourage shoppers to learn more
  • Quotes and gravitas
  • Reviews are marketing
  • Reviews provide validation to third parties.”

Book review options for many self-published authors

When we talk of book reviews, we think of an objective independent body that reads and evaluates our masterpiece and then they release their non-bias appraisal of our work. Of course, we always hope for a positive review and a favorable rating for our book. There are many ways to aim for a sample book review but generally book reviews fall under two categories: Third-Party Book Reviews and Readers Book Reviews.

Third – Book Reviews are book reviews that are done by professional book review institutions, publications, print periodicals and magazines, news outlets, online magazines, blogs, and even podcasts or live interviews. Most of these book review services, however, comes with a price. At the very least, tapping their resources would require a sort of exchange.

Readers Book Review mainly come from individuals who have read your book. They are in no way link or affiliated with any professional institutions. They can be friends, colleagues, or individuals within your circle. Internet user posting reviews online and book bloggers can also do book reviews for your book. Kirkus, Booklist, and Shelf Awareness are some of the businesses that offer free book reviews as long as you submit to their requirements such as submitting copies of your book months prior.

Increasing book reviews for your self-published book

Your options for book reviews should not be limited to these two. There are a number of ways to attract readers to your books and hopefully get reviews from them. One way is to do SEO blogging. All you have to do is to maintain a blog and provide it with optimized content. An optimized article contains keywords and backlinks. Your keywords and backlinks should be relevant to your target audience. Another way is to do guest postings. Guest posting means writing fresh content to other sites and sharing them your links as well as your inputs on relevant topics.

SEO blogging and guest postings do not get you automatic reviews but they provide you two things: interest in your book and opportunity to cement your reputation as a serious writer. These two are important ingredients for a positive book review.

Expanding options for book promotion and reviews

Aside from the traditional forms of book reviews, you can choose to opt for more dynamic and cheaper alternatives. Registering in literary groups and author communities may get your readers reviews or even book features. Another thing you can do is to join a book fair. International book fairs increase your exposure and bring your book closure to either a third party book reviews and/or readers book reviews.

Authors’ Lounge is a community of authors and writers. They give opportunities to writers and authors to share their articles and books. They also feature Author of the Week and Book of the Week on a regular basis. The good thing about the Authors’ Lounge is that it’s for free.

For a free book review, you can always visit and have your book reviewed by their staff and featured on their weekly book review post.

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