ReadersMagnet has the vision to give voice and empowerment to your brand. The brand of your book is not just a brand, but it speaks of your whole identity. ReadersMagnet takes in the responsibility to echo your brand around the globe. We will develop the irresistible force that will draw readers to you and your content. We will bring you the readers that you want with our SEO and Social Media branding services.

ReadersMagnet is here to support authors and educate you on how things can be maintained and you will not spend for online marketing that much. You will only spend on what is necessary to the publicity of your brand and its consistency to ensure that your network will grow as well.

ReadersMagnet is different from other marketing and publishing firms. It is because the relationship that we build with the authors as your support system is what set us apart from other publishing firms. This relationship that we have built is equally important with our fulfilled services. As a part of educating you along the way, we will also let you know the ins and outs of the publishing industry. We, at ReadersMagnet is very sure of two things:

ReadersMagnet’s OBP will be an investment not an expenditure.
OBP is a solid rock foundation that is built from ground up, so that the base is as strong as it should be – as not to topple over.
SEO and Online Branding
The web has been the catalyst of marketing nowadays. In Readers Magnet we make sure that your identity on the web is always visible. Our SEO services will take good care of it. We will formulate the right keywords that will voice out your book and the brand that you have. Out of this, we will ensure the blog updates and other techniques that will drive traffic to your website. The great thing about SEO is that you are competing worldwide and you can reach your worldwide readers pedestal by being known to them.
Social Media: Online Marketing Tool
It is not a mystery that social media connects people around the world. On the latest research conducted by the Global Web Index (GWI) there are 2.307 Billion people who are active social media users. ReadersMagnet will create the social media engagement that you need. Out of this engagement, we will develop a meaningful connection between you and your readers. Once your social media identity is known it is easier for you to reach not just your readers, but also the editors, book reviewers, bloggers and other consumers that will speak for your brand. We will ensure that this will happen as we create your social media accounts and we will update these accounts based on your brand. Social media will open doors for you to have accessed opportunities with people and this is what we will ensure you to have. ReadersMagnet will see to it that you will achieve the identity of your brand on the web and create sales out of it. The rise of mobile consumers has called the need for every author to be credible and visible online. We will make sure that you will have these opportunity and create more sales. With ReadersMagnet we give you the right marketing tool and we get your book where they should be. Remember when we brand you that solely means we BRAND YOU AND YOUR BOOK AS ONE. Make sense? Come market your book WITH US!