Content marketing as defined by Growth Gurus, is “the implementation of creating, sharing and distributing quality content that is informative, entertaining and valuable to prospective clients”.

Are you publishing your own book? If yes, have you been marketing it too?

As a self-published author, you will be responsible in full or in part for your book marketing and promotion.

Don’t think that you do not have the necessary resources to launch your own book publicity campaign. Remember that you live in a digital age. Let’s take advantage of what we have in our grasp with the use of smartphones, iPad, and laptop.

Bear in mind that the internet has every tool you need. Available at little or no cost to get you started from setting up your own dynamic website or making your own book trailer. With the internet, you can build awareness for your book and your author brand. Through this, you can be a content marketer!

Content Marketing is a strategic approach for a long-term marketing campaign for self-published authors like you, this form of marketing is a way to creatively display your message – and spread the word about your book in a non-invasive way.

Content is what that makes them want to read, share, and come back to your author website or social media for more, thus spreading the word further about your book and even your views and expertise.

Through content marketing, you can gain trust and to tell your readers that you have something to offer about your book. This is not in-your-face, ‘hard sell’ marketing. It is about building relationships, connecting with your ideal readers over time, and build there anticipation for the book you will launch.

According to Mary Beech, the fashion company’s executive vice president and CMO, “The best marketing isn’t about the brand; it’s about the customer”. You are not only writing your brand but also the insights of your readers.

The best time to start content marketing  is six months or even a year before your scheduled book release. You should be marketing your book while you are still writing it. You should also start planning your book launch – months even before you finish writing.

In short, you should start marketing and promoting your book early. Building traction over time will help you create buzz for your book even before it comes out and sustain interest even after the new release buzz dies down.

Time is of the essence in content marketing for self-published authors like you. Know the axiom, “the early bird catches the worm”.

You may not get celebrities to endorse your book or break into The New York Times Best Seller list. As long as you are prepared and a head start on your book. There is nothing to worry about because you have a great story to tell and a lot of time to get your potential to get excited about.

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