Are you a self-published author attending a book signing event for the first time? then this article is for you.

We have gathered important tips for authors who wishes to join a book event

Knowing the Book Signing Event

In any book event, you need to ask these vital questions:

  1. Is the book event available to diverse genres or just limited to one, such as a children’s book fair or a sci-fi convention?
  2. Is this a trade conference of educators or librarians or a festival for readers of middle school literature?
  3. Does the book event revolves around a specific subject or theme such as Nashville’s African-American Authors Fair, Ohio’s Jewish Book Fair, or Florida’s Interracial Romance Authors’ Expo, an antiquarian book fair, or a book fair against drugs?

Don’t let marketing consultants dupe you into attending or submitting your book to just any book event. Investigate what the event is, and figure whether it’s right for you–and your book. Do you wish your book advertised at a trade conference of school librarians?

Set A Goal

What is your aim in the event? Is it to sell more books or to learn new marketing and promotion strategies? Do you want to connect with new readers, meet literary agents who might help you land a traditional book deal, or chat with distributors and librarians to find out more on how to get your book in bookstores and libraries?

Be prudent with your assumptions, know traditional publishers attend book events to display their new titles instead of enlisting new talent. This is also true with literary agents who will devote much of their time in private meetings.

Get A Ground Map

Local book fairs take place in schools, libraries, and malls; regional book fairs in sports stadiums and even hotels; and national and international book events in large convention centers. If you attend a book signing event, get a ground map from your event organizer or download it from their website.

Getting lost amidst the vast multitude of books in the event is something that might happen to your readers, so it’s a great help that you provide your readers directions on how to find your table in the venue. Give them information on parking spaces and directions to restrooms around the venue for their convenience; a must if you invite family and friends in the event.

Bring What You Need

What will you bring to the book signing event? Must-have things you need to bring in a book event are:

  • Business cards
  • Flyers, displays, and signs
  • Giveaways such as bookmarks, stickers, pens, notepads, and tote bags with your books title or cover image
  • Equipment such as a laptop (with Internet connection if you sell eBooks), overhead projector, and cables.
  • Clean wipes (spillage from attendees)
  • Foldable chairs
  • Paper and pen
  • Money
  • Your book event pass
  • Copies of your book (Most Important)

After confirming your attendance at the event, it’s imperative you look through your list of items and assess your equipment a day or two before the event – order everything in advance, and if you have any specific demands, talk to the event coordinator. Your attendance in a book event involves a comprehensive procedure, arrangement, and management that should be made in advance when the event takes place in another state or country.

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