Now that you’ve finished your book press release, it is time to send it to your target media publications. Bear in mind that the main goal for your book press release is to make it to specific media outlets within your niche market for publication. However, your work does not end with the publication of your media press release. Your well-crafted press release is only effective if you maximize it to reach the broadest number of target audience. It is the essence of your press release campaign.

Special mentions:                                                 Add a visual content. Images attract readers and help them absorb your content. Articles with related images are easy to rank in SEO search results. Don’t forget your call to action. It should appear at the end of your book press release. It’s a single sentence where you stress what you want your readers to do after reading your article. Make it count. Send it to a specific list of media publications. It doesn’t matter if you only have 5 or 7 outlets in your media directory as long as they are within your specific niche. Sending your book press release to a general list of media outlets is just a waste of time. Plus, having a few but specific media contacts is easier to monitor. Once your book media release is approved, you can now begin the second phase of your press release campaign through the following: Blog. By nature, a press release is a short and sweeping coverage of a particular topic. Writing a blog about the coverage allows you to delve deeper into areas you feel that your readers would want you to discuss. Blogs allow you to engage your audience and to further promote your author brand. Share. These days, news travels faster in social media than in syndicated publication. Media publications have their respective editorial calendar and publication schedules. This should not limit your press release campaign. By posting your book press release coverage to various social media sites, you increase its online visibility. It is a key element in your press release campaign. Portfolio. Include the media coverage in your profiles, whether it’s in your social media or on your LinkedIn page. Let your contacts and visitors know about your media coverage and that you are open for future talks and interviews. Featuring milestones and media mileage in your profiles will help establish your reputation as an author. Optimize. Despite Google’s move regarding the use of press releases for SEO, press releases are still relevant in your SEO campaign. Press releases generate interests, views, and links. Getting a link back from your press release or its corresponding blog post is certainly beneficial for your SEO. ReadersMagnet offers a comprehensive Press Release Campaign service. Contact our marketing experts now at 1-800-805-0762 | 619-354-2643 or email at [email protected]