Every second of a book fair must always be savored. Thus, making sure that you can manage your time during The Festival of Storytellers. Although it is a virtual literary event, the need for you to make it as productive as possible is dire. Keeping your schedule as structures as it can be is essential for you to enjoy every bit of the Festival.

Here are some of the ideas on how to make virtual events fun:

Plan Your Schedule Ahead

There are many reasons as to why you should plan your schedule ahead—the benefits are myriad. One of them is to reduce the risk of future challenges that may occur. It will help you know how to approach them, possibly, you can even dodge it from coming your way. When it comes to virtual events, like the Readersmagnet virtual book exhibit, TFOS 2021, you should still organize and fix a timetable for each day of the said event. As you may know, the festival will have different segments. You must list down every segment that you might want to attend to and would not miss. Put it on your timetable so you won’t forget about each schedule.

Minimize Distractions

As every participant might be staying at home or some other place. It is inevitable that there will be distractions and noises. Some might have kids or dogs at home. Thus, making sure that they will not get in the way is a must. You must be at a nook in your house that has fewer distractions. This way you are sure that you will not miss a single word the notable speakers will say. You can also make sure that your gadget is charged, or you have the charger prepared. Plus, there might be power outages and internet connection problems. Make sure that you have a backup plan for all of these.

Prepare Resources in Advance

Aside from the gadgets and internet connection. There are more resources that you should not forget. During the event, you might want to take notes. So, preparing a paper and pen might be necessary. You can also type in your computer notes or any gadget notes for more convenience. Before the event starts every possible resource that you think that you might need should be prepared. You can also prepare your food beforehand. Just so you can grab something to eat whenever you feel hungry.

ReadersMagnet virtual book fair is going to be one for the books for a lot of authors and book lovers alike. There will be many amazing authors to be featured and every participant can surely meet. It might be a little bit different than the usual, but you can never deny the fact that it is better than nothing in these uncertain times. So why don’t you save yourself a seat as early as today!

There are many things that you need to prepare for The Festival of Storytellers. You might want to make sure that you are well prepared, so you will not miss a thing. Since this exciting virtual book fair is fast approaching, you should make sure that you have already cleared out your schedule.  

If you haven’t saved a seat for yourself yet, you should today! Any questions? Feel free to contact ReadersMagnet and we will answer every bit of it.