Social media is a great platform that can help authors boost their online visibility, connect with their targets, interact with their fellow authors, and get discovered by publishing companies. However, knowing the relevant and proper content to post can be a challenge.  So, what are the best and effective ways that successful authors must do to captivate their readers; and, what are the bunch of other things that they can post on their online platforms aside from their book links? Please refer to the details below.

Conduct a Q&A portion

You never know how many audiences you have entertained by starting a simple question and answer session. Whether you are about to launch a new book or just want to maintain and grow your current reader base, then a Q&A is always the most convenient and efficient answer. Maximize the Q&A feature of Instagram stories by posting a story using the questions sticker. If you want a more interactive session, you can go live and receive questions from your viewers, which you’d be answering. This activity can also be done on Facebook through Facebook stories and live and Twitter through tweets using hashtags and Twitter space.

Post your book covers

Covers are always essential for they create the first impression on the readers. Apart from that, they also set expectations for your work. As a successful author with a new work that’s about to be launched in public, it is great to connect and excite your readers by posting the book cover on your social media accounts. This is also suitable when your book gets reprinted for its next editions. Readers become more enthusiastic to witness the visual depiction of your writings, especially for a new story. It will be like a teaser that makes them look forward to its release.

Show a glimpse of the behind-the-scenes of your writing journey

Being an author is more than just writing stories. There is a complete rollercoaster ride before and even after the book launch. Hence, it would be nice to communicate and update your readers on how and what you are doing or working on while your story is in progress. For example, you upload a photo of the first page of your manuscript — it will inform the readers that you’ve finished the first draft and make them anticipate more. You may also post about your quick breather from writing or promotion to make your audience see how breaks are needed in the midst of the hustle and bustle. Simple postings of your lifestyle as an author would definitely appeal strongly to readers.

Give regular updates online

Knowing to maximize your social media accounts can bring you loads of benefits. So, use your platforms well to update, inform, and engage your readers. Make sure to have regular postings, whether it is your books, your recent book signing tour, your workspace, a photo of yourself, other book details, a quote from your book, your love for literature, other interests, and most importantly, your current or future schedule. For example, you participated in a virtual book fair, specifically The Festival of Storytellers part two. Then, you must update all your social media platforms to inform your readers on where and how they can view you online or join along with you. The mentioned event is more than just a virtual book fair but an opportunity to level up your social media marketing game. So, sign up for TFOS and activate social marketing for your book now!

Therefore, knowing how to connect to your audience on different social media platforms is essential. The author-reader bond is the key to achieving a more outstanding, successful, and fulfilling writing career.