There are as many social media channels as there are strategies to boost book promotion in different content formats. Self-published authors should take advantage of specific social media platforms to increase their online presenceand social media authority. Always emphasize the book first, then brand.

When your audience love what you write and are most receptive to your content on social media, they will eagerly anticipate your next book. So when you get into social media, it’s all about building relationships and trust, which should be your prime strategy. Use social media to boost, as well as humanize, your book promotion effort. Here are some ways:

How Social Media Boosts Book Promotion Strategies banner


–         Upload photos and videos
–         Post statuses
–         Announce your book events, such as a book launch or book fair
–         Host live Q&A sessions
–         Follow fellow authors, artists, or likeminded individuals
–         Engage with potential readers


–         Engage in real-time discussions with your followers and fellow authors or artists
–         Post images, GIFs, and video clips
–         Announce book events
–         Post statuses
–         Stay updated in your niche community


–         As your visual pinboard, to inspire your future works
–         To follow boards of like-minded interests
–         To pin your photos, graphic illustrations, and video clips


–         Upload videos, such as book trailers and interviews
–         Start a channel or vlog
–         Livestream your book events


–         Post blogs, images, or quotes
–         Upload videos or podcasts
–         Chat with followers
–         Follow fandoms related to your niche

Promoting your book via social media will take time but it will be worth it.