Chances are, when someone mentions Hogwarts, Voldemort, and magic we can’t help but think of Harry Potter. It has established this mantra of putting the series and its characters in our minds. This is the brand that the book has established. J.K Rowling’s hardships before Harry Potter became a word-of-mouth became an inspiration to its readers and other authors. Out of these, they have created their very own identity that sets them apart from other books.

Authors should gain control of this on-trend demand known as branding books.

The brand image building is important and it truly matters, because this will establish your long-term success in the industry. Books are products that we NEED to introduce to the populace. The question is how do we do this? The answer is creating its BRAND IMAGE. Take note of the following to know how brand image building can empower YOU:

Your Brand is Your Identifier
Everything that your readers and prospect readers need to know about you and your book is on your brand image. This includes your book’s personality, profile, genre, kind, style, and voice. This also constitutes how you publish your books, your publisher, the design of your cover, your writing style and how you market them. With all these inputs, your target readers can recognize the type of book you are offering them.
Understanding of Your Brand Image

Once you establish the “what kind of books” you have, it is easier for people to differentiate what kind of story and information you can offer them. With their better understanding of your book’s style and personality, they can identify that this is the genre and style of writing that they want to read. That’s why you need to brand your books. Look for online marketing services that will brand and market your book in a repetitive, consistent and effective way.

Brand Image is Your Statement
There are different kinds of books; some are fiction, non-fiction, fantasy, horror, inspirational and others. You need to create your brand based on the kind of book that you have. The content of your book and its kind should be your statement to your readers. This means you need to create your statement on your books. A perfect example for this is Jane Austen, she was known by her novels that often been characterized as country house novels or as comedies of manners and fairy tale elements covering the marriage tradition of 19th – century.
Brand Image Determines Where You Sits in Your Readers
Once your readers perceive how your brand communicates with them. It is easier for them to express what they want and need from your books. They should have an idea where your books’ style and theme will bring them; if it’s the fantasy world, the happy ending phase or the inspirational and life changing arena they’re heading. In that way, it is easier for your readers to identify the books that they can have from you. Paulo Coelho is inspirational and J.K Rowling is magical. The question now, YOU ARE … be sure to fill this space out and tell the world what you can offer them. Echo your brand around the world and your readers will voice out who you are. Ensure the clarity and conviction of your brand that offers certainty to defy the status quo. Tell your readers and the whole world that you have created a book that is special.