Authors like you should start ramping up your efforts to deliver your books to your readers. It’s impossible to sell books without establishing your marketing and branding strategy. The question is why do authors like you, need to be involved in the OBP world? The answer is simple, because YOU ARE PART OF IT!
OBP Builds Your Brand Awareness
When you’re thinking about an inspirational book we thought about Mitch Albom, Paulo Coelho, and Elizabeth Gilbert. When it comes to classic novels we will always admire Jane Austen, F. Scott Fitzgerald, Victor Hugo, and Alexandre Dumas’ works. When we mention about the literature itself, we will never forget Geoffrey Chaucer and William Shakespeare. We’re able to acknowledge these wonderful writers because they have built their strong brand image on their writings. They have set the standard for us readers to identify them based on their works. These pieces of information will tell us that even our classic writers knew the art of branding books and its importance. It is now your time to use this strategy to your advantage. As an author, you don’t stop being a writer after you published your books. You only stop once you’re able to deliver yourself and your books to your readers and imprint your books’ value in them. Every writer has his own signature. What is YOURS?
Entrenched Your Online Engagement
OBP does not just deliver you and your books’ brand to your readers, but OBP entrenched your relationship with your customers online. With your social media accounts, it’s easier for your readers to associate with you. Your social media updates and bookmarking will keep them updated and posted on the latest buzz you have. Plus, they can leave comments on your blogs which intensify your interaction with them. The feeling of being updated is established with OBP, it is because the strong bond and connection with you and your readers is your key to gained number on your sales and make your brand image firmer. OBP also allows you to study the online engagement you have, you can calculate it once your blogs have shared on social media. The best thing to see your readers’ engagement is to see their clicks and visit on your website. This is done through heat maps and analytics that gives you the valuable data and helps you position your book correctly.
Online Marketing as a Whole

Online marketing is an essential element that you can have in building your brand online. It provides you with numerous advantages and benefits, along with lower costs, better readers’ engagement, faster updates sharing, established online visibility, and clear market targeting. All of these are offered by OBP. Remember that you just can’t stop once your book is published, you can only stop once you’re able to deliver your works to your readers. The aim of OBP is for you to grow and widen your horizon when it comes to marketing and have its advantages in thy favour.