For self-published authors, promoting the book can be a challenging task. Sweeping promotional campaigns such as radio interviews and syndication of marketing materials and content is a huge help for them. Finding the right book trailer services is essential for authors, especially self-published ones.

We probably have mentioned this in the past that a book trailer (and other marketing materials posted online) can make or break your book’s reputation. A bad book trailer can contribute to poor sales while a superb quality book trailer will likely increase interest in your book and in turn, might increase sales.

Elements of a Good Book Trailer


Everything starts with the main idea. That is why the first step is to make that idea for your book trailer as unique and interesting as possible. It’s called a thriller because it does not necessarily summarize the plot or give away to many details. The trick is to pick a central idea that would make the audience hook and leave the audience wanting to find more about your book.


This is what most book trailer producers often miss out. The video length is a very important element. No matter how stunning the images or well-edited your trailer is, if it’s too long, it defeats the purpose. A quality book trailer production only lasts 30-90 seconds. Remember, your book trailer will appear not on TV or any public screen. Viewers will see it most likely using their smartphones and mobile devices. People are known to have a short attention span when it comes to content for mobile and online viewing.


Book Trailers are visual in nature. It is both an opportunity and a responsibility. As an author, you have a great opportunity to share to your readers a glimpse about your book. On the other hand, you must be able to show it to your audience the right way. The wrong choice in imagery can lead to confusion or worse, your readers might misinterpret the message you want to convey. Pick the right and appropriate scenes.


Quality audio and the right sound effects work hand in hand with visuals in producing video content. It affects the viewer experience and the whole communication process. For book trailers, the voiceover is an important element. It sets the tone of the thriller and one must choose the appropriate tone. If your book is a crime thriller, you would want to pick a dark, solid voice and not a comedian’s. The words that the viewers hear is as important as the images they see in the book trailer.


Book trailers, like any other marketing material, should end with a call to action. This is the only fitting end to your book trailer. While we reiterate that the central idea of the book trailer is not to invite the viewers to buy your book, a call to action must be placed at the end part. Choose a call to action that is doable and would stir further interest in your book. Of course, do not forget to display all the necessary information about your book.


The post-production task is as crucial as book trailer production itself. Distribution your book trailer to various platforms and sharing sites is the ultimate goal. Make sure to choose reputable sites and those with a huge following. YouTube and Vimeo are two sites that are a priority. Social media platforms that allow video sharing should be on your list as well. Lastly, encourage your viewers to share your video to friends and to visit your site for updates as well.

Avoid Producing a Poor Book Trailer

Creating a book trailer is a creative endeavor as well. And as such, you are free to explore various angles and visual styles- animation, cinematic, and even stop-motion video. The possibilities are endless, really. However, there are some things that you must consider especially if working with service providers.

  • Avoid spoilers and keep the audience hanging but interested
  • The trailer is for the book and not to talk about the author
  • Do final editing and check all book information on the video
  • Aside from spoilers, avoid putting too much info and texts
  • Choose a compelling call to action and not settle for “buy now”

Book Trailer Services Options

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