As the world tries to adjust to a post-pandemic world’s realities, both authors and their audience have changed the way they share their stories and consume information, respectively. Keeping their audience connected and entertained is the biggest challenge self-published authors are facing. The COVID-19 pandemic brings new solutions, and the following digital marketing services will help them adapt their strategies to thrive in the so-called “New Normal.”

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Marketing Materials

Visual is the way to go when promoting your book and author brand in the pandemic. As a self-published author, you want to have the flexibility of different marketing graphics from business cards to posters, all of which you can share across channels, thus capturing a wide range of audiences. 

Content Marketing

You have so much to write and share throughout the pandemic. Your audience longs to hear what you have to motivate and empower and entertain them. Content marketing comes in many forms, including blog articles, videos, infographics, and social media content, all of which are effective means of marketing your book and author brand. 

Web Design

Jumpstart your post-pandemic book marketing strategy with a dynamic author website. With a functional website, you can manage your budget and strategies by metrics, measure your ROI, and identify channels that are the most effective at engaging your audience’s attention. With a website, you can also keep pace with rapid shifts in consumer habits and adjust your messaging and budget in a matter of hours. 

Social Media Management

Social media has become crucial to marketing during the pandemic. The health crisis has pushed people to meet on digital forums such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, thus increasing social media engagement and spending. With your solid social media presence, you could build a friendship with your audience and bring positivity to uncertainty. 

Promo Video

When offline interactions are still far from reverting to normal, videos have become crucial in connecting brands and audiences. Videos have also helped bridge the gap for informing, educating, engaging, entertaining, and socializing with the audience. They have become a great tool revealing what a brand stands for, especially in the pandemic. 

YouTube Advertising

Since COVID-19 became a public health crisis, YouTube traffic has grown. By advertising on the world’s most popular website, you have a better chance at (re)connecting with your audience and reaching new ones. By advertising on YouTube, you could also keep up with significant shifts in your audience’s online behavior and purchasing patterns.

Google Advertising

As in-person interactions shift to digital-only experiences, there is a much greater need to position your brand in front of your audience every time they search for products or services like yours. Promote your book and your author brand by advertising on the world’s most popular search engine.

Web Traffic Optimization

Self-published authors should strive to stay creative, competitive, control their messaging, and, above all, ahead of the rest in the New Normal. WTO will help you track your website’s analytics, keep tabs on visitors, and monitor your rankings on search engines, thus helping you maximize your marketing budget and fine-tune your messaging. 

As consumer interaction shifts to online and mobile channels, every self-published author must adapt their marketing strategies to fit the ‘new normal’ post COVID-19.