Once and for all, book fairs are marketplaces where you can get your book known to your potential audience – the readers and the publishers who would establish and widen the popularity of your book especially in making fan bases grow and in boosting book promotion and sales.

Get your book promoted in a book fair

There are many forms of media that could introduce your book to the world and representatives of these are absolutely there for the same purpose. Expect to meet in a book fair a large number of authors, booksellers/buyers, buyers of publishing services, buyers/sellers of rights/contents, digital solutions developers, distributors, licensing/merchandising, literary agents, publishers and translators from various places, who would be walking the whole day and eventually come across your stall. In a prestigious book fair like the Frankfurt Book Fair or the BookExpo America, visitors from over a hundred of countries attend. Nevertheless, book fairs boost social media publicity that document the activity especially in the popular sites that are participated by a sweeping number of audience such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube channel.

Book fair is the time for your work to be showcased to the audience, both readers and publishers, whom you cannot easily access in other times of the year. With vast number of people attending in a book fair, making your book stall stand-out becomes a loving challenge. More than anything else, it is you who will personally connect and invite book lovers to get to know the story or the proposition that you wanted the world to hear about. After all, it is you, among all, who know better about your own work. So talk about it. You can show how passionate you are as an author in valuing what you write through the creativity and enthusiasm that you put into the display of your books, into the more friendly talks you exchange with a reader and a customer, into the knowledge and wit you have shown to various people – publishers, readers and authors alike, that are evident of how much you have researched and prepared for the event where the people of your writing world gather together to showcase what minds of men can create and inspire.

Book fair is an excellent way to market a book of a debut author. With all the great opportunities attached with it, it is also important to note that it has to be planned ahead, wisely and carefully. With great power (opportunity) comes great responsibility, indeed! That responsibility starts with effective plan and efficient decision-making. You can be sure of that during the book fair, you’ll have to grab the chance of talking and reaching out to as many beneficial people in the event as you can with or without the specific aim of selling your book in your mind (where making acquaintance and building connections is more helpful and more practical, and profitable).

Because of the immense culture of publicizing a book in a book fair, it can now be decently termed as book trade where publishers and literary agents deal with each other most of the time as they have the straight point across – deals. This makes a book fair an important occasion to display a book, or a series of books, and sell it to more numbers in a variety of ways. And this, for another reason, makes book fair an activity that you cannot carelessly delve in without much expertise and preparation – i.e. setting up appointments with editors and publishers a long time before the dates of the fair, familiarizing with the best sorts of books, or rights to the book, to deal with the publisher, for which manner a literary agent that studies carefully the history of your publication can be of so much help.

Build Connections

Always a wonderful learning and fun-filled experience, that is what a book fair is when the author get the most out of it. Promoting your book is as much important as promoting yourself as an author, which a book fair also provides. More than anything else, expect to see in a book fair publishing professionals and equally passionate authors who can offer you with valuable acquaintance which will help you make your works better and more appealing to the audience that you more or less share. You are building strong connections through acquaintances even from a typical meet-and-greet, and getting personal and business emails that will build correspondences and networks that will help you with publishing, and selling, your precious book in any way possible in the long run. Book publishing, like any other businesses, is all about luck and strength of people-relationships that has to be connected, maintained and brought to a more intimate, trustworthy level in order to succeed, and continue to flourish for a very, very long time.

For a debut author, every time you appear in public, especially when it is so much related to your writing career, is a great contribution to your whole line of craft. Your appearance in the book fair, and in any related event, is your best publicity so let the author in yourself be known to many people in the event. Isn’t attending in Book Fair increases your credibility of being an author?

Inner Benefits of Book Fair

One of the rewarding joys of a writer is in the thought of having even one avid reader smile and express his pleasure and appreciation upon reading your work. The very core of being a writer lies in how much he has entertained and made his fan-reader realize the truths of life and be happy in the end no matter what course he is about to take. That live smile and giggling can only be one, if not the best, thing to look forward in a book fair.

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