It is a universal truth that Facebook continues to be the reigning champ of social media sites. With its capability of reaching a lot of people worldwide, it has now evolved to be a venue for books to come alive. In Branding Books Online, Facebook is a vital tool that allows authors to connect with more readers who will make a big difference in their book sales. Let’s discover how Facebook can aid authors like you when it comes to book marketing.
Facebook is STILL Popular

Your target market is out there using Facebook, long before other social media accounts existed, people are already using FB. Whether your target markets are parents, oldies, Millenials, and more, I guarantee you that they have a Facebook account. FB is proven to be a valuable and influential communication and marketing tool for authors. Once you have your account, it is easier for your readers and prospect customers to read your updates and know more about you and your book. Moreover, your FB account will serve as a contact portal between you and your readers, they can always send you a message regarding your book and you can easily entertain these questions. Book event organizers can also reach you and send you messages which open the door of your author exposure. Online Brand Publicist has been using Facebook when it comes to book marketing, it is now your time to use FB’s success to your advantage.

FB Delivers You to the World
There are 1.17 billion monthly active Facebook users around the world. With this number, you can be sure that in no time you are reaching your global target market. Just imagine the possibilities that you will have once your book is known across the globe. By the time that you’re able to deliver your book to the world, it is tantamount to higher sales and an increase on your ROI. As an author thinking of marketing your books, you should be guided by the principle that using and adapting to our industry’s technological advances is a MUST! A lot of things are happening in the online world while you are sneaking in the abyss of traditional marketing and losing a lot of opportunities and sales! Come out of that darkness and BE DISCOVERED & MAKE BOOK SALES! Remember that your readers will never find you until you want to BE FOUND! Use the tool that you know will help you for your book marketing. Facebook is one click away on your laptop, computer, and even on your mobile phone, check on it and see the difference for yourself.

For you to get to the top and grab your book marketing success, you need to help yourself first. Make the most out of the developments that we have in the industry. Embrace advancements in reaching your readers and you will be amazed how everything will turn in your favor. Writing your book and publishing it is NOT the DONE DEAL, but gathering your guts and courage and marketing it for the world to see your masterpiece is THE REAL DEAL!