Booking a radio interview is one of the most effective marketing strategies for self-published authors to promote their book to the reading public. They usually don’t require authors to spend that much money, time, and effort but it guarantees a wide coverage especially if done right. A live author radio interview allows a self-published author to reach thousands of target audience in a matter of minutes. Booking an author radio interview is not as tedious as traditional publishing companies would have us believe. In fact, a self-published author can do it. All it needs is focus and the determination to land a radio book interview. Here are 4 steps that we think might help:

  • Create a directory

The first order of business is to come up of a list of potential radio stations that you can approach. Draw up a list of all the stations within your target location. Once you have your list, you can start checking which radio stations your target audience listens to. Take time to tune in and get to know each of the show’s format, hosts, and audience. If you feel that their station profile and market captures your target audience, you can include them in your media directory. Your directory entries should include the station, hosts, address, contact information and the contact person. The key person to contact for a radio book interview is usually the station manager though some stations have bookers and receptionists. Needless to say that the more stations in your list, the better.  ReadersMagnet Radio Interview package has a list of radio stations from all over the country in their media directory including This Week in America with Ric Bratton.

  • Come up with a Publicity Kit

Once your target list is ready, you can now focus in producing your publicity kit. Basically, your publicity kit is more like a press kit but specifically designed to convince radio hosts and station managers to give you a slot in their radio show. It contains essential information about your book and about yourself. A typical publicity kit includes a brief book synopsis, author profile, contact information and other publication details. ReadersMagnet Radio Interview package offers a complete quality publicity kit for its media directory of over 50 national stations.

  • Cook something of interest

Aside from the basic contents in your publicity kit, you might want to include something brief and interesting. It could be a story, a trivia, photos of recent event or activity your book took part of or got featured in. Radio hosts love to talk about something new and interesting. Radio hosts, managers and producers are busy people. While some authors may opt to send a press release or a lengthy email, most radio producers and station managers prefer short and concise approach. You are not the only one pitching your story or vying for their attention. Just give them something to remember or rave about.

  • Contact politely and do a follow-up

Initially, most stations will tell you to wait for them to contact you. Now, there are many reasons why a radio station might fail to contact you. It might be that their schedules are already fully booked or they lost track of your mail. Regardless of their reasons, you need to get in touch with them after a certain period so that you will know how your pitch is doing. One week of waiting time should suffice. You can send a message, an email or give them a call. A call is a more viable option since it gives you an immediate response or interaction. A call allows you to start a casual conversation and further convince them that your book is worth a segment of their show. Sometimes all it needs is a personal touch. However, it is important to remain polite when making a follow-up. Don’t show up at the station without calling first. You can always ask about timeline but do not presume. Lastly, always extend your gratitude in every transaction with the station.

Booking for a radio interview is just a part of your comprehensive marketing strategy. It need not define your book promotion campaign. Do not be discouraged if your early efforts do not yield successful results. If a station declines, you can still approach other stations in your list. Plus, your marketing activities are not limited to booking radio interviews, in the first place.  We at ReadersMagnet believe that your marketing tools should complement each other. In fact, radio interview is just one of the various services you can avail under the ReadersMagnet Marketing Services.