A book website is one of the key components in launching a comprehensive book marketing campaign. An author’s website should contain all the necessary ingredients in order to promote himself/herself and his/her brand online. ReadersMagnet has prepared book web design 2019 tips as guide for web designers and self-published authors alike.


Know your target audience and set your goals ahead of everything.


Just as any other project, sitting down and identifying the goals is important. It is the first step in creating something whether it’s a publishing process or a marketing campaign. The goal of every book website is to advertise the author and his/her brand. However, there are also specific goals. That is why the web designer and the author client must first talk on what they hope to achieve.


Always design for the user and aim for their convenience.

According to Lee Salibury of UnitOneNine,

“Let’s add all the bells and whistles! Let’s use video! SEO!” These are some things that we hear from clients when doing redesigns for brands. What we don’t usually hear is the client asking for a user-centric site. In the end, wouldn’t you as a user really appreciate a site that was thought through for you so you didn’t have to figure out what the company does? The end user is No. 1 in our book.”

This ‘user-centric’ philosophy should serve as guide in creating book web designs for 2019.

Simplicity. Simple designs and layouts never grow old. While modern book web designs offer numerous complex and sophisticated layouts, the ones with simple elements will always impress visitors. Readers want to navigate the page without having to deal with eyesores. Simple designs are always pleasant to look at and encourage people to revisit the site.

Color Palette. Color themes are important for they dictate the mood of your book website. The trick is to choose the appropriate color design with strong but carefully selected color palette. Too many colors create complexity and distraction.

Components. Most clients want to put everything on their website and this is understandable. However, it is wise to create a balance composition. This requires carefully selecting the components for your website. Of course, the essential features must always be present (Home, Book, Author Profile, Blog, Add to Cart, and Contact Information).

Movements. The best book web designs of 2019 will surely feature more animation and moving icons. Movement spark interests. But achieving movement is not exclusive to animation. Composing lines and adding texture to the pages can simulate movement as well.

Typography. Choosing the correct font and font size is like choosing the right color palette. You cannot fill your page with numerous types of fonts. Stick to two or three kinds of fonts. Below are top 3 best web safe fonts according to WebsiteSetup:



1. Arial
arial header






2. Helvetica
helvetica font type





3. Times New Roman





Familiarity and Language. This are two of the most overlooked aspects in web design. Conventional designs are preferred over complex ones. The objective is to impress your visitors by enabling them to navigate through the sites with ease and familiar language and not to confuse them with unnecessary features and complex terms.

Accessible and responsive. Nowadays, visitors are not limited to desktop or laptops. Most visitor actually use smartphones and tablets. That is why making your website responsive should be one of the top priorities of your web designer.


Design a clean, fast, and powerful website at all times.


Whether it’s an author’s website, a service provider page or a media sharing channel, always go for the what is fail-proof, speedy, and strong. These three components below might not be visually present in your site but their respective functions are quintessential in any website.

1) Flawless backend coding

2) Fastest load speed possible

3) Formidable SEO strength

The sites performance depends largely on great backend coding. It dictates your site’s performance, page speed, navigation as well as easy maintenance.

Speaking of page speed, optimizing for speed might be a tedious process (optimizing photos, compressing files, minimizing HTTP request, and web hosting options) but it is important in ensuring quality user-experience. If your loading speed is above 10 seconds, you’d be losing visitors faster than gaining clients. The faster your page speed, the faster you will attract visitors, potential leads and eventually, satisfied customers.

Designing an effective book website means creating optimized meta tags, titles, headings, and other coding elements that boost your site’s SEO. Any online enterprise will always require a superb SEO design and your book web design should not be an exception.

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Settle for significant content and relevant Calls-to-Action.


Site content including blogs must remain significant and fresh. No one wants to read an outdated article or a boring topic. Always provide clear and useful information in your pages. As for blogs, most experts recommend that your update your blog with fresh articles three times a week. Of course, these blog articles must be insightful and significant. Blog articles should be SEO material complete with researched keywords, meta descriptions, title tags, backlinks, and optimized images.

One of the most important features of your site and must be well thought is the Call-to-Action. Often perfunctorily regarded as just a one liner invite, a powerful call-to-action can actually create conversions, revenue, and profit. A relevant call-to-action will convince your visitors to take the action or step you want them to take.

Don’t forget to test. No project launching is complete without first testing the product. Usability tests determine potential problems, performance, and ideas for improvement. Also, it is better to test early on rather than near the end of your project. The earlier you can detect the problems and weak points, the earlier you can remedy them. Good luck!

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