ReadersMagnet exhibited works of RM authors at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024, which took place at the COEX Halls C & D1, COEX Korea Exhibition Center in Seoul, South Korea, last June 26 to 30, 2024.

ReadersMagnet kicks off the Asian Book Tour with the Seoul International Book Fair 2024. Exhibiting books at stand A29, we continue to share authors’ stories with the world. The event is a whole new experience since this year marks the first time ReadersMagnet partners with Seoul International Book Fair to celebrate and showcase written literature.

What’s New?

Other than gracing the Seoul International Book Fair for the first time, it is also our first time to rev up the Asian Book Tour, where we set a journey to display our authors’ works through book fairs in Asia. For this year, we gear towards SIBF and the Hong Kong Book Fair.

We also introduce ReadersMagnet’s mascot for the Asian Book Tour – Pao Pao Panda. Pao Pao Panda represents the rich Asian culture that compels the international scene. Attendees of the SIBF had a chance to win a brand new Kindle in a Scavenger Hunt by looking for images of Pao Pao Panda in the ReadersMagnet’s stand A29.

Pao Pao Panda

Book Shoutout

Through ReadersMagnet’s broadcast on its social media, viewers from home can experience SIBF through the lens of ReadersMagnet. We had QR Tabares host the live broadcast to answer questions from viewers at home. He was able to feature some scenes that viewers can enjoy from the comfort of their home.

There was also a segment called “Book Shoutouts,” where QR would feature books for online audiences, giving them the chance to scan the code to buy them on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. Some of the featured books are Stephen Lloyd Auslender’s Dick and Jane Go to War and Tish Barnhardt’s So You Want to Be a First Lady? and Starred Review books, like Dee Bostic’s Love, Lies and Lab Coats, MaryAnn Butterfield’s Don’t Call Me That, and Thomas Fitzhugh Sheets’s Christian: Label or Lifestyle.

Book Shoutout segment

Watch the Live broadcast here.

Visiting Authors

On Day 2 of ReadersMagnet’s endeavor at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024, Malte Niebelschuetz, author of The Art of Self Destruction and Shore Buddies and the Plastic Ocean, graced stand A29 to check out the book display in ReadersMagnet’s booth. The self-made businessman and founder/CEO of Shore Buddies had the opportunity to talk about his business and his books on live broadcast. QR asked him what pointers he could give to the viewers. He said, “Self-reflection is what we need.”

Malte came back on days 3, 4, and 5. He helped ReadersMagnet promote books to attendees.

Here is an interaction between Malte and an attendee/content creator at the 2024 SIBF.

Malte interacts with a representative from the Emirates Publishers Association, checking out ReadersMagnet in SIBF 2024.

On Day 4, another visitor graced ReadersMagnet’s booth. Eric Cornelius, son of the author of Thunder Buffalo Goes Home, Mark Cornelius, checked out stand A29 and promoted his dad’s book.

Here’s Malte Niebelshuetz and Eric Cornelius promoting their books

Connecting with Other Publishing Bodies

Seoul International Book Fair 2024 provided an opportunity for ReadersMagnet to connect with other publishing bodies. QR had the chance to promote the ReadersMagnet self-publishing business with the Emirates Publishers Association. Connecting with other publishing bodies allows a publishing company establish a more stable network in the industry. We, at ReadersMagnet, are open to make great connections to power up and maintain relationships with our authors, readers, and partners.

As a book marketing company, we have strategies that make our business work.

Always bring your top-tier books in the market in every book event that you attend,” QR said when asked for advice about marketing the services of a publishing company.

ReadersMagnet, creating a network with Emirates Publishers Association

The SIBF Experience

Sharing stories at the Seoul International Book Fair 2024 had been an experience to ponder. Hundreds of people from around the world gathered to discover books with stories yet to be known. The attendees enjoyed the book exhibits, meet & greet with their authors, author panel discussions, book signings, and games sponsored by exhibitors.

The book fair allowed us to connect with avid readers, authors, publishers, and book marketers and strengthened our network.

Next stop for ReadersMagnet’s 2024 Asian Book Tour: The Hong Kong Book Fair!

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