Now that your book is officially done, it’s time to market it and market it right.

According to Diana Urban, “Whether you’re an author, a marketer at a publishing house, a publicist, or anyone else looking to sell books, there’s a wide array of book marketing tactics you can use to amplify a book’s exposure and reach more readers. To spark inspiration and get those creative juices flowing, we put together 119 book marketing ideas.”

As a self-published author, you will need to personally draw up a marketing strategy to increase book sales effectively. Your marketing strategy will depend on your resources and time. However, there are marketing strategies every author cannot do without. One of them is the basic marketing materials that compose your marketing kit.

Every company needs “literature,” printed pieces that do a careful and well thought-out job of presenting its products and services: catalogs, newsletters, product sheets and brochures, letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, specification sheets, case histories or application sheets, special event brochures, annual reports, manuals, technical bulletins, posters, product insert sheets, labeling, recruitment materials and so on.

These promotional materials usually serve as giveaways during book fairs, book launching and other public engagements for the marketing of your brand. Collectively, these items help introduce you to the reading public and advertise your brand to readers, book clients, book retailers, journalists, critics, literary agents, and even to publishing houses. Of course, these branded promotional materials should be creative and attractive in order to impress people and help gain positive response for your author brand. Here are the five basic components of your marketing kit:


Posters are classic giveaway materials. They have always been effective in attracting target audience whether its movies or concerts. These large, artistic images serve not only as visual representation but they are promotional materials. They are perfect giveaways since they are good for framing and hanging on walls of public establishments such as offices, diners, libraries, school hallways, and other spots where people can see them.


Freebies such as postcards always come in handy. They serve as invites to future public engagements like your book launching, a book fair, or a book signing event. Unlike posters, postcards are small and carry a more personal touch. You can even write a personal message at the back and send it through the mail. It is an effective direct marketing strategy. The larger your mailing list is, the better.


Your book promotion materials are never complete without your branded bookmarks. Bookmarks are small and easy to mass produce. Probably the most inexpensive giveaway, you can distribute these bookmarks during book events. Of all the marketing materials, bookmarks are the ones most likely to last longer since they have a practical use. The marketing mileage bookmarks offer is simply amazing.

Business Cards

Business cards let people know you mean business.  Business cards might be old-fashioned but they remain an effective tool for establishing contacts. Giving away quality branded business cards not only promote your book but also help promote yourself. Self-published authors need to expand their market and build their reputation as professional and these tiny cards can make a huge difference.

Digital Sell Sheets

Your book automatically becomes a commercial product as soon as it’s published. And just like any other product, you need a product sell sheet. Just like the other materials in your marketing kit, digital sell sheets are essential to getting people to talk about your book. A single-page document, sell sheets display all the details about your book and your journey as a published author. Aside from the publication information, digital sell sheets provide readers with author profile, book description, updates and event information all in one page or sheet. Print sell sheets serve as fliers and brochures during book events and other public book engagements.

ReadersMagnet believes that these 5 materials form a comprehensive marketing kit and if distributed the right way will reach a wide area and a large number of target audience. It is important that your promotional materials are of high quality. They must be well-crafted, beautifully designed and printed with the standard materials. Top quality marketing materials increase you and your brand’s reputation which will hopefully translate into critical and commercial gains.

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