The 2020 Tucson Festival of Books is happening this March 12 to 13, and ReadersMagnet lists down five important reasons why this year’s TFOB is a must for self-published authors.

When we talk of book fairs, we always think of a physical book event where people gather and interact with one another. Since the early days of book fairs, it has been a venue for writers and authors to sell and promote their works. Over the centuries, this book affair has evolved into comprehensive literary engagements, which now include panel discussions, books signings, poetry reading sessions, other artistic performances, and workshops, to name a few.

When the Covid-19 pandemic, the book fair tradition was shattered as most, if not, all scheduled book events were canceled. A few months later, organizers of major book fairs experimented with digital technology and decided to conduct online or virtual book events. ReadersMagnet also held its own virtual book fair, see here .Though these online book fairs save the publishing industry, physical book fairs will always be the preferred format.

Two years after the world struggled with the pandemic, things are easing up, and public events are now allowed, provided they follow protocols. Among the book events that will resume its physical format is the annual Tucson Festival of Books. Here are five reasons why attending physical book events such as the Tucson Festival of Books is good for authors.

It allows authors to reconnect and establish new connections.

For veterans of book fair events, a physical book fair allows authors to reconnect with their old contemporaries, literary agents, retailers, publishers, and above all, book fans. For novices, especially debut authors, this is a chance to build rapport and establish contacts with who’s who in the publishing and book marketing industry. Physical book fair allows them to get to know many retailers and agents in person. They get to see exhibitors and independent publishing companies and their staff in person and maybe land on a perfect publishing partner.

A physical book fair means interacting with your book fans.

Author Gabriella Nagy during a book signing event in one of the physical book fairs that ReadersMagnet participated in.

Being physically present in a prestigious book event such as the Tucson Festival of Books allows you to display your book to fellow authors, participants, and visitors. This is different than just being online engaging other people virtually. You can interact with your fans in real-time and answer their questions right then and there. Another possibility that a physical book event allows is the book-signing event wherein you can sign autographs for your beloved fans. The fulfillment of attending fairs in person is very different, and meeting fans open new doors for your book and your career as an author.

Tucson Festival of Books is the second largest book fair in the U.S.

This year’s Tucson Festival of Books promises to be a blast just like the previous TFOB physical book fairs. Source: UAPress

Speaking of prestige, attending this year’s Tucson Festival of Books simply is an opportunity you should not miss if you are looking to be a part of a grand event. After two years of hiatus, the second largest book fair in the United States will have the annual event back to its original venue- the University of Arizona Mall. To be attended by an estimated crowd of over a hundred and thirty thousand, making the physical event one for the books. Being a part of an international book fair adds credibility to your reputation as a serious author.

Media exposure to a physical event is different from a virtual one.

In this day and age of digital platforms, media exposure is a great help to authors who want their stories heard. Attending this year’s Tucson Festival of Books means getting media exposure not only from the local press but, more importantly, from international media, which will be covering one of this year’s anticipated physical book events. There are many reasons why this year’s TFOB will attract media mileage. Apart from its awaited comeback, its size and the various programs and activities are enough to ensure media buzz.

ReadersMagnet is among the many exhibitors in this year’s TFOB.

Last but certainly not the least in our reason for attending this year’s Tucson Festival of Books is ReadersMagnet’s participation. ReadersMagnet is no stranger to the annual Tucson Festival of Books, having participated in both physical and virtual TFOB in the past. This year though, ReadersMagnet promises to bring its full-blast energy into the event, ensuring that authors are represented. Book display and book-signing events are just two things participants can expect from ReadersMagnet during the two-day event.

ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing is a publishing and book marketing company dedicated to helping authors promote their brand through various services and events, including this year’s Tucson Festival of Books happening this March 12 to 13.