Book fairs are an important avenue for authors, publishers, retailers, and book enthusiasts to come together and do business. There is a number of popular book fairs around the world including the Leipzig Book Fair in Germany, the Bologna Children’s Book Fair in Italy, the London Book Fair in the United Kingdom, and the Beijing International Book Fair in China. 

However, the largest and most popular book fair in the world is the Frankfurt Book Fair, an annual five-day book trade event held every October in Frankfurt, Germany. This year, the event will take place from October 16 to October 20. With lots of activities in store for the attendees, the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair is surely an event not worth missing.


Lasting for more than 500 years,
the Frankfurt Book Fair has established a remarkable reputation throughout the

Having it set in Germany, the
Frankfurt Book Fair has become a leading event with historical significance.
Germany, particularly, is rich in literary history. Ever since Johannes
Gutenberg invented a movable-type printing press in the 1950s, the production
of printed books substantially increased all throughout Europe. The production,
publishing, and sale of books, articles, and other printed texts became widely
accessible to the masses. This allowed them to read, communicate, and learn
about the world in a more scholarly manner. It also allowed numerous publishing
houses and booksellers to flourish and turn people’s interest in reading into
profit. Stemming from this rich history, the Frankfurt Book Fair was
established in 1949 by German booksellers in order to celebrate the successful
industry. From then on, it has become the premiere book fair in the world. Approximately
7,500 exhibits from 100 countries and 280,000 guests attend the fair


One of the most important thing
that people look forward to during book fair season are the great authors that
will be present. For the 2019 Frankfurt Book Fair, distinguished authors
including Joe Nesbo of The Bat, Ken
Follet of Edge of Eternity, and
Margaret Atwood of The Handmaid’s Tale
are expected to appear on the fair. German musician Bela B and Run Lola Run actor Nina Petri, on the
other hand, are set to read the new books of literary stars Maja
Lunde, Elif Shafak and Colson Whitehead. For 2019, the book fair will
focus on Norwegian literature ranging from thrillers to historical novels.

What to Expect

Gathering together more than
hundreds of thousands of authors, publishers, and book enthusiasts, the 2019
Book Fair is a great avenue to expand everyone’s literary horizon.

This year’s Frankfurt Book Fair
comes with some exciting things. First off, the event will be catered by a
bigger space. Commonly, the programs are done at the Agora, the heart of the
fair. However, this year, in addition to the Agora, a new Event Area located in
between the Festhalle and Hall 1 will host the festive activities. This ensures
that all attendees will have a more convenient and enjoyable experience. Food
Trucks will also be present to soothe people’s hunger with delicious treats.

Aside from the space, what is
more exciting about this year’s book fair are the events that will certainly energize
and enlighten every lover of literature. There will be discussions on
publishing services by excellent panels, talks on human rights, poetry slams,
and cosplay. The fair will also hold an award ceremony with a variety of
serious and amusing awards like the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade, the Award for Best
International Literary Adaptation, and the Award for the Oddest Title of the

Good news! The Frankfurt International Book Fair provides discounts.

For those who would love to
attend the 2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair but are currently short of
budget, there is less reason to worry. The Frankfurt Book Fair offers discount
options to booksellers, librarians, trainees, or students. For librarians and
booksellers alike, a discount of up to 30% is offered given that a proof (e.g.
business card) is presented. On the other hand, students can enjoy up to 70%
discount. Click here
for more information on these discount options.

Attending book fairs are truly a
great way to meet authors and fellow book enthusiasts. Book fairs are a helpful
way to market books and negotiate the right deals. If you are looking for a
book fair that will give you that experience with literary euphoria, then the
2019 Frankfurt International Book Fair is the place to be. It is a pioneering
book fair with the expanse and reputation that every literature lover is
looking for. So buy your ticket now and attend the biggest book trade event in
the world this coming October 16-20.