Self-publishing services are the best ways to publish a book if you are a modern author. In fact, first-time authors who wish to publish their work rely on service providers for their publishing and book marketing needs. To self-publish a book is often offered in separate packages. Unlike traditional publishing wherein everything is taken care of, independent authors must choose the self-publishing services they must avail for their book.

Self-publishing companies will do all the legwork for you just like with traditional houses. Below are the self-publishing services that you can avail in publishing your book.


Every author needs to edit and polish his or her work before presenting it to publishers and book agents. Self-publishing companies offer services that cover editing and proofreading as part of their publishing package. Self-publishing authors cannot afford to put forward a mediocre piece and that is why all great published books begin with great editing.


A self-published book must be at par with those published by traditional publishing houses and they must be professionally formatted. A neat layout and readable texts define a well-formatted book. Both print and online formatting for eBook is essential to come up with an overall great book design. For digital formatting, make sure that your eBook is compatible with most eBook readers like Amazon’s Kindle eBook reader.

 Book Design

One of the many advantages of self-publishing is that you can work closely with your publishers and you can incorporate your ideas for your book design. Just bear in mind that a good book design is simple and has readable text style.


Most self-publishing companies have in-house illustrators and artists. Again, maximize the free atmosphere to work with your illustrators so that you collaborate in producing quality drawings for your book.

Black and White

Printing in black and white is one of the common options especially for self-publishing authors. Whether it’s black and white or full color, make sure that you get quality printing value for your money.

Full Color

Full-color books are a bit expensive than its black and white counterpart. However, with its bright colors and images, it’s sure to attract more readers. Look for service providers with reasonable publishing packages, especially those who offer print on demand (POD) deals.

Children’s Book

For those who are into children’s book like nursery rhymes and fairy tales, most service providers offer Children’s Book packages that include not only full illustrations but also graphic designs as well as layouts and image enhancements that are tailored-fit for your needs.

 Book Cover Design

For most service providers, book cover design is already covered under the layout package. However, there are authors who prefer illustrated book covers or their own cover design. Just make sure that artists execute whatever it is you have in your mind for your book cover.

Ebook Cover Design

Most preferably, your print book cover is the same with your eBook cover. However, your digital copy can also be used as your thumbnail, banner photo or even cover photo. Have your eBook book design in various image sizes. You never know when they will come in handy.

Self-publishing services for your book may not be so easy because of its processes and the time it takes, but according to Pia Silva from Forbes “A book can be so valuable when done right”. To get it done right, means we need to go through such processes to make the book valuable to the readers aside from its content.

Print on Demand

It is important to note that when you are self-publishing, there are pre-publishing expenses. In addition, nothing is as important as the actual printing of your book. While there are publishing houses who will agree to print a certain number of copies for a reasonable price, one viable is the print on demand option. Of course, you can save if you print in bulk, but print-on-demand (POD) can be a support option especially for those marketing their books online.

ISBN Assignment

Every published book needs to be copyrighted and assigned an ISBN number. The purpose of a copyright is to protect your title from anyone who wants to copy your work and profit from them. You also need the ISBN for your book to be easily identified by anyone in the publishing industry. It means easy marketing for you and your brand.

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