1. Print will never die

Print Marketing remains to be the most effective and efficient way of establishing your author brand’s value. More and more authors and digital marketers are becoming aware of print marketing’s powerful role in improving an author’s brand perception. 

For self-published authors, the best way to harness the power of print marketing is to get a print ad in Publishers Weekly. Here are 10 reasons why you should get your book an ad in the said book trade magazine. 

You advertise in a reputable magazine Publishers Weekly is the most visible and trusted book trade magazine, being continuously published for more than 130 years. 

2. Your print ad targets the right people

Advertising in Publishers Weeklyhelps put your book in front of the right people – people who are already invested in acquiring and reading books.  

3. You enjoy a wider exposure

The magazine’s print edition boasts 68,000 readers while the website – PublishersWeekly.com– averages 14 million unique visitors yearly. 

4. Print ads can improve brand recognition

Prints ads in newspapers and magazines like Publishers Weekly can raise brand awareness because they address the audience directly. 

5. Print ads promote engagement

People are more engaged when reading a page from a newspaper or magazine like Publishers Weekly than scanning or scrolling a webpage. 

6. Print ads are classical

Print media evokes the classical experience of holding a physical copy of printed material as compared to just scrolling the webpages.

7. Print ads offer credibility

As people trust print ads more than any media advertising, advertising in Publishers Weekly will add credibility to your author brand. 

8. Prints ads are cost-effective 

Whether it’s a single or double slot, half page or full page, your print ad in Publishers Weekly will go a long way with a wide readership. 

9. Prints ads can be a multi-purpose tool 

Don’t you know that your ad in Publishers Weekly can serve as a stand-alone tool for both online and offline marketing campaigns? 

10. Print ads are easy and simple to absorb 

Visual information from print media such as a Publishers Weekly ad is much easier to absorb, enabling the audience to remember the brand later. 

Having an ad in a Publishers Weekly magazine is to maximize the power of print marketing. Talk to your digital marketing team today about designing a visually appealing ad to appear in Publishers Weekly