The Book 2019 Beijing International Fair is just around the corner. It will be held this coming August 21 and will run until August 25 at the China International Exhibition Center in Shunyi. ReadersMagnet is among its participants. We would like to share 10 reasons why the 26th BIBF is worth attending.

  1. It is the
    largest book fair in Asia.
    The BIBF is among the top four International Book Fairs
    in the World. Being one of the largest countries in the world, its population
    of entrepreneurs and book is among the biggest in the region. Each year, an
    estimated crowd of 300,000 visitors turn up including around 2,500 exhibitors
    from all over the globe.

  • It is a one-stop-shop for publishing. Occupying eight exhibition halls, the 2019 BIBF promises to cater to every publishing and book marketing needs. According to its director, Liying Lin,

“BIBF is at the forefront of publishing ins China making it essential for anyone interested in this dynamic and exciting market. With exhibitors covering every aspect of the publishing and entertainment industries, plus our industry forums, awards and events, BIBF provides a one-stop-shop for publishing professionals.

will have the chance to explore consumer trends, investigate opportunities in
new IP markets, and see demonstrations of exciting new technologies. A visit to
BIBF is essential for anyone wishing to export to China.”

  • It is
    big on Children’s Books exposure.
    The government of China requires
    every Chinese child to read as well as to learn English. By this directive
    alone, the demand for English language content is ever increasing. Publishers
    of English Children’s Books from all over the globe are expected to step up and
    supply China’s market needs.

  • International participation is huge. However, despite the annual attendance of more or less 2,300 publishers, the BIBF actually approves no more than 600 local publishing houses. A large number of participants come from all over the world, making the BIBF as a truly global book event. In fact, there is a hall devoted to international children’s publishers as well.

  • Opportunities for Translations. Book The Chinese market is one of the biggest in the world. The BIBF opens opportunities for book translations as there is a huge demand to translate Chinese language books into English and English books into Chinese, especially Children’s Books.

  • Welcoming
    the First-Time Exhibitors.
    Every year, the BIBF welcomes its first-time exhibitors
    through its ‘First Steps’ training programme. It is a two-day intensive
    briefing on the Chinese publishing industry. This year, BIBF is set to welcome
    hundreds of first-time exhibitors including Starfish Publishing (the largest
    publisher of Marvel comics in China), Wonderwhale (a new online platform for
    second-hand books), and Jiliguala, (a game-based English-learning app for

  • 2019
    BIBF’s The Law of Attraction.
    The Literary Salons was established in 2015 as a
    festival held in conjunction to BIBF. It serves as a promotional platform for
    all authors through a series of cultural and artistic performances including
    music and short plays. It also features cross-media opportunities between
    literature and film through discussions by authors, film producers, and also

  • 2019
    BIBF’s Country of Honour
    . Each year, the organizers of the Beijing International
    Book Fair chooses a guest country as the Country of Honour. The chosen country
    will be presented to the rest of the participants. They will have the opportunity
    to showcase their country’s literary treasures, unique culture, and other
    features. This year’s Country of Honour is Romania. This is very timely as The
    People’s Republic of China is celebrating its 70th founding
    anniversary as well as the 70th anniversary of the establishment of
    Sino-Romanian relations.

  • BIBF Ananas International Exhibition. The BIBF Ananas International Illustration Exhibition is going to be held concurrently with the Beijing International Book Fair (BIBF). The exhibition will cover an area of 400 square meters giving professionals of illustration and publication an excellent opportunity to establish cooperation or deepen contacts and bring together several programs including Illustrators Club, Editors Meeting and activities.

  1. 2019 BIBF’s launching of the Digital Zone. This year’s
    BIBF promises to be a grand event with the launching of the Digital Zone. It is
    an expansion of the traditional publishing exhibition area which seeks to
    combine the Internet and digital technology with traditional publishing. During
    the BIBF, participants will have the opportunity to attend high-end workshops
    in digital information technology among others.

ReadersMagnet is one of the exhibitors of the 2019 BIBF. They offer book display and book signing events as part of their Book Fair Content Distribution service package. Contact ReadersMagnet Self-Publishing at their office number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442 or email them at [email protected] for more details.