You won’t have to worry about publicity if writing is simply a hobby to you. However, if you promote yourself and want your work to be read by as much of your intended audience as possible, you’ll need to a develop specific skill- how to market your content. Efficient book promotion and marketing requires some development and organizational effort. 

To writers, marketing is simply about attracting and reaching your intended audience by communicating information about yourself and your work. In his article, we’ll discuss 10 tips for publishing and marketing your book. 

Infographic 10 Creative Ways To Publish And Promote Your Books(1)

      1.   Pen your best work

The first step to any publishing endeavor is creating quality content. Know your audience, perfect your craft, and prepare your final manuscript with proper editing, formatting, and cover imagery. 

2.   Submit your manuscript 

Once you’ve decided how you want your book to be published (whether through Amazon KDP or other online/traditional means), send in your manuscript.

3.   Have it published 

Once it’s finally published, your self-marketing and book promotion journey will begin to unfold. Double-check everything about your published book to make sure that it’s all according to your liking.

4.   Have your own blog or website

Make sure you have your own site where you could post blogs of similar content that surface in your demographic’s search results. Make sure it has your info, the book’s info, and a call to purchase.

5.   Take advantage of social media

Have an FB page for yourself and a Twitter account as well. Take note of the engagements and activities of other authors of the same genre and see how their fans interact with them- try to do the same.

6.   Build connections and relationships with people who could help you progress. 

Maintain positive interaction and rapport with local and international influencers or key people in your particular industry. They could do you a favor like a book review or further exposure. 

7.   Get some good book reviews 

Focus on gaining reviews (emphasize key term “feedback”) from fans and reputable sources- ask for your audience’s honest opinions through social media or directly through your book and your email list, then reward them with a freebie when they do.  

8.   Amazon’s “Also Bought” feature offers a wider reach 

If you’re aiming to maximize your downloads and sales, don’t overlook this. By publishing through Amazon’s KDP, your book will appear in the “Also bought” section once you reach a certain threshold. 

9.   Offer freebies 

Give back to your fans and to the reading community by offering them discounts and/or free copies of your book, snippets and sneak-peaks of your new projects (insert through your website or social media), or any kind of merch or product that you may be selling or promoting on the side. 

10.   Organize your own book show or sign up at a book fair 

Book fairs offer you the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on your fans and the writing community, further solidifying your relationship with them. By attending these, readers and authors of different genres will hear about your book. 

In conclusion, it’s worth remembering that, essentially, marketing communicates info about your book and makes it more accessible to as many outlets as possible. When you keep these handy tips in mind, you’ll come across even more opportunities to sell and market your book as you reach out to more fans and readers than ever before.