There are many reasons why authors should participate in literature, so much so for the benefits that it can give. Because of the situation of the world; with the COVID – 19 pandemic, it necessitates everyone to stay home and avoid large crowds. Because of this, it has become essential to hold events virtually, especially events as vital as book events. Luckily, there have been platforms like the ReadersMagnet that made this possible. Speaking of which, The Festival of Storytellers by ReadersMagnet is imminent and is just around the corner. If you haven’t registered yet, it is never too late to save your seat yet.

Joining book events for authors has been very helpful in different levels and aspects. And, TFOS 2021 is one that contributes to this. Because of ReadersMagnet’s eagerness to inspire more people to read books and write books, this literary book festival is created. For years, ReadersMagnet has been one of the exhibitors of the biggest book fairs globally. So, we have realized and noticed that authors have gained so many positive things out of it, not to mention what it does for the industry. And, as part of that industry, helping authors and aspiring authors is one of the priorities. It is also a big part of the grounds why we have come up with this inspiring and powerful event. Imagine, gathering up thousands of people who have the same passion for books. It sure is going to be a powerful affair.

If you are an author, joining this upcoming event will change the game for you, you can experience and acquire a lot of benefits. The following will discuss some of them:

You’ll Get to Spread a Word

Participating in book fairs will only do you good. It does not matter if it’s virtual or not. Announcing your book to the public is just one perk. The same as physical book fairs, virtual ones also invite actual people to check out your book. Plus, increase visits to your page. You will surely have a great chance to direct them to your site, this time, easier and quicker. In other words, virtual book fairs ensure continued exposure of your book and brand.

You’ll Maintain Contacts with Others

You may already know this if you have participated in a book fair before. If you have, you may have maintained friendships with others, such as authors, publishers, retailers, media, and book fans. They will greatly serve as not just your friends, as your network. If you have a presence at an annual national or international book event, you will make more. Plus, it will also be your chance to talk and reconnect with other authors, and most importantly, establish new ones. You will never know who you’ll meet in there.

Getting Wisdom and Knowledge from Experts.

You may be a little bit doubtful of what you kay get in return. But, always know that literature needs to be celebrated. If you are there, you will feel like you have contributed to it. Aside from exposure to your book and having connections with others, you can also get a lot more. You will discover wisdom and knowledge from great minds. There will be amazing keynote speakers, publishers, and authors alike.

Overall, you can never deny the fact that virtual events still matter, especially when it comes to literature. Think of it as a complete perk, being able to promote your book while being at the comfort of your home. Have you registered for the Readersmagnet virtual book fair, The Festival of the Storytellers just yet? You might want to do it today as the event is nearing very soon!