Werewolves exist throughout folklore, dating back to ancient Greek stories. Its story as a shape-shifting monster has delighted readers across cultures. Today, the concept of werewolves varies, from macabre and horrifying fairy tales to paranormal romance series. As the mainstream Twilight series proves, the bloodthirsty monsters continue to inspire writers by giving them depth, personality, and character more accessible to the psyche of modern readers. Edward R. Lipinski’s “Werewolf on Madison Avenue” is an excellent example of contemporary literature featuring the werewolf.

Despite countless literary works that lean into the curse of lycanthropy, Lipinski crafted his brilliant twist into the familiar gothic elements by seamlessly melding them with humor, providing the book a well-rounded boost compared to its published counterparts. His book won ReadersMagnet’s RMazing Grand Bonanza Level 2. It is filled with compelling characters and a highly-imaginative plot that will make readers explore the vastness of a well-written supernatural novel.

A Fresh Spin on the Classic Werewolf Story

Lipinski takes his readers from Medieval Europe to Madison Avenue – the heart of America’s marketing world. “Werewolf On Madison Avenue” follows the story of a young man named Jefferson “Jeff” Foxlove as he explores life as a wild monster and a genius behind a wildly successful advertising campaign. The book introduces its main character as a graduate of the City College in New York with a degree in business administration.

Fresh out of college, Jeff sought to master the loops and holes of advertising after reading David Ogilvy’s Confessions of an Advertising Man. He applied to work as an advertising copywriter for the Cudmore Advertising Agency, notorious for churning out vulgar and raunchy advertising campaigns. There, he met Damon Cudmore, who taught him how to write copies the Cudmore way – unimaginative pantywaists. Soon, Jeff became Damon’s prized protégé, another expert in wallowing in the mud of sleazy advertising.

Life is good for Jeff Foxlove until he decides to take some time off in the Yucatan Peninsula, where he is savagely attacked and bitten by a mysterious, feral creature of the night. Jeff returns to New York City, completely healed, but when the moon grows fat and full, he transforms into a bloodthirsty werewolf, ready to hunt his human prey.

Damon Cudmore promised to help him keep his day job while also trying to take advantage of his employee’s unlikely metamorphosis. Jeff returns to the Yucatan jungle for a miracle cure to lift the curse of lycanthropy slowly consuming him. Along the way, he meets unique characters adding to the book’s hilarious yet fast-paced narrative.

Shifting Perspectives in a Cutthroat Landscape

Dark, comical, and richly aesthetic, Lipinski presents a world where monsters live and breathe around his readers. Edward R. Lipinski explores the themes of manipulation, power, and change in his book. In “Werewolf On Madison Avenue,” the reader is in a vantage point to reflect on the vindictiveness present in the corporate world and how it could quickly swallow the young and the innocent. Despite its rib-tickling dialogues, the book begs to ask who the real monster is in a cutthroat industry, is Jeff Foxlove’s ravenous metamorphosis limited to his physical form? The book’s character arch is too brilliant to miss.

Edward R. Lipinski’s work, written with the right balance of thrill, wit, and mystery, will give its readers an entertaining read while hitting a precise amount of profundity to heighten any reader’s imagination. The book is reflective of Lipinski’s undeniable writing prowess and vast experience in the advertising industry. Edward R. Lipinski has been in publishing and advertising for over 40 years as an art director, graphic designer, illustrator, and writer. “Werewolf On Madison Avenue” is his debut novel.

Witness Edward R. Lipinski’s writing shines through in his recently-published work “Vision of Destiny,” an exhilarating novel that tells the story of Henry Gainsvort, who has the gift of seeing the future. Everything went well for Henry until he saw a more horrifying vision. The book promises a grand and glorious twist for all its readers.

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