Millions of people are now interacting with the online world. According to research new information has been accessed every day with the use of the Internet. If you are planning to make your title to get rank in such a large market. You need to take advantage of the new marketing trends. Marketing trends that will help you to create an eBook strategy to raise your title and brand as an author. The use of the online book marketing is more impactful than having to advertise and market them in the physical world.

The question is: How can you make your eBook stand out and capture the attention of the readers in one glance yet delve them inside for a long, long period of time?

Here are four effective ways on how to make an eBook strategy:

1. Get a striking yet a professional cover.

This just couldn’t be emphasized more. The saying, “Don’t judge the book by its cover” just proves so much on how covers are powerful strategy in igniting the interest and expectations of the customers. Indeed, it’s the “cover” that first meets the eye. Logically,imaginative, symbolic and meaningful cover will only get worth a view if it is decent, orderly and professional. Everyone would naturally want to hold a beautiful book anyway.

2. Get an informative yet encouraging book description and preview.

Igniting thrill and curiosity is a nice strategy for book description. However, it doesn’t help a lot when it is too short and impersonal. Know your target audience. Write the description while taking into consideration the things they could get in reading your work and why it’s worth their time and attention. Use professional and smart language in this. Book description affirms the credibility of your book.

3. Price your book strategically.

Giving it an expensive one puts doubt in the readers of thinking its worth and credibility especially when it is the first book. Well, giving it cheap one will put insult into the talent, effort and time spent in the making of the work. Price your book when you have researched enough on the prices of the books of the same genres and almost the same technical language used (tone, appeal, etc.)

4. Delve into different promotional techniques which expose your personal brand.

Content marketingis good for your bottom line — and your customers” according to Content Marketing Institute. As a matter of fact it is one of the most effective way in promoting your book since it:

  • give a taste of the writing style, expertise and excitement of the book’s content
  • give a broad perspective of the author’s stand, feelings and opinions of the theme that is explored in the book
  • can be linked to social media where target audience mostly interact with such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • give optimal utilization of these overwhelmingly adds to the metadata of the book which improves search results. If you just got a golden piece of work, these are the ways to get all kinds of people be reached and be informed of.

Newsletters are another effective marketing tool in promoting your book. Newsletters are the collective form of:

  • giveaways and bonuses for your books
  • tips related to the topic or subject explored in your book
  • other helpful information that you could bring to the readers even including those which do not necessarily relate to your book such as giving a piece of advice in issues such as self-improvement, lifestyle, relationships, religious beliefs or family, social, and political affairs.
  • You might like emailing blog contents as newsletters as well. Of course, in every newsletter, you should not forget the link to your ebook in your website, in Amazon, or in other ebook retailers, and the guide on how to purchase it as well.

Video posting in FB, instagram, youtube and even webinar (seminar conducted online) are the latest trends in marketing. The most important key to every business is the people who consume and participate in it. What makes these strategies even more effective is that these primarily:

  • develop a rapport with the target audience
  • the author has the chance to demonstrate his mind, expertise, personality and sincerity in minute-short videos or the hour-long webinar
  • the audience get to witness the most personal experience with the person whom they would cherish among the wonderful authors someday.

The special role of social media in marketing

What made information technology such a big boom today is because of the wide participation that people get in social media. Everything is linked to the social media. Thats why, A lot of authors take advantage of social media with the use of their eBook strategy.Everyone browses the internet every day and leaves a trace in there through social media. It’s the gateway that people use to communicate what they got to others and at the same time learn about others as well. Make a reputation here as well. The more you gather influence, the more credible you have become. Mos of all  your audience will be targeted. If everybody on earth holds a mobile phone that’s released since at least ten years ago, everybody on earth most likely participates in the social media as well. Knowing that, what sort of promotion from social media can you benefit from?

According to Zsofia Macho of PublishDrive, There is no such thing as “too early”. eBook Strategy is a series of trial and error methods. Sometimes it would take a long time for the strategy to work and if lucky it will work right and then. Be patient and don’t be afraid to experiment your own strategy with the use of the social media and marketing trends.

I hope this article will help you to create your own strategy and reach your goal with your book. If you have something to share with us! Let ReadersMagnet know in the comments. Don’t forget to share this blog post with your friends.

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