Branding Books Online has mentioned that before social networking has existed, there were blogs. Through these shared articles, people are able to get the latest news about the things that they find interesting and relevant. Even though blogging has continued its growth, especially with SEO on the trend, online marketing believed that microblogging is something that we can’t ignore, and this is what Tumblr has given to the populace.

Tumblr and its Missing “E”
This microblogging platform and social networking website was founded by David Karp in February 2007. The social media site is designed to allow its users to post multimedia and short-form blogs. Its users can also follow other users’ blogs and they also have the power to make their blogs private. Tumblr has decided to drop its letter “E” to convince people that it’s cool. This missing “E” has also encouraged a lot of people to be different, cut out the traditional way of doing things. With all the mundane things that are happening in the world and in your life, you need to have the breath of fresh air approach to making these prosaic events significant. At the end of the day, it is HOW YOU POSITION YOUR MESSAGE THAT MATTERS!
It Makes the Big Difference of Expressive Power
It might be too good to be true, but Tumblr exalted in its users’ unique approach. As an author, this is a good outlet where you can express yourself and celebrate your identity as a writer. It is always important that you send the right message to your readers, and Tumblr grants you to do this. This social network is the very platform that allows you to perfectly position between traditional blogging and the real-time distribution. Aside from blogs, Tumblr also introduces the use of animated GIFs, Cinemagraphs, images, and videos which made expression a whole lot better and easier.
Tumblr Continues to Grow, So Will You
There are over 280.4 million blogs on Tumblr posted by its 550 million monthly active users, you can only be sure that Tumblr is definitely growing. As Tumblr grows, you will also grow. With this social networking’s unique style, there’s no doubt that a lot of people are going to use it. Tumblr’s way of doing things is indeed futuristic and in line with the digital era, which makes it more interesting to practice. As an author, you need to make use of the resources that you can easily find, an accessible Tumblr is absolutely one of these assets. This is the time that you need to break through with your online book marketing strategy without abandoning the traditional way. Nothing beats the OLD AND NEW way of making great things happen!

It is important to note that Tumblr is not replacing any social media accounts, but it should be remembered that different social networking sites have various ways of operating. All you need to do is to avail each social media’s expertise to intensify your branding books online. However, there’s one thing that millions of people are sure of, Tumblr is unquestionably one of your must haves.