ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair, The Festival of Storytellers will benefit both authors and booklovers.

The Festival of Storytellers is Magnet’s first-ever virtual book fair. For many years, ReadersMagnet has been actively participating in various national and international book fairs such as the Miami Book Fair, The Los Angeles Times Festival of Books, as well as recent virtual books fairs like NYLA and the Tucson Festival of Books which were held virtually this year because of the ongoing pandemic. Early this year, ReadersMagnet finally organized and sponsored a ReadersMagnet virtual show, thus the TFOS 2021. What exactly authors and booklovers should expect this April 23 to April 25 and April 30 to May 2, 2021?

TFOS: A Gathering of Storytellers

The Festival of Storytellers 2021 will gather over a hundred authors, speakers, several media personalities, and of course, book fans from all over the country. The event will run for six days virtually.  Authors and novelists from children’s books, sci-fi, mystery, romance, spiritual/inspirational, and non-fiction categories are expected to showcase their respective books and participate in the scheduled games, discussions, workshops, and other featured events. For authors, especially self-published ones, this is a great opportunity to meet other authors, learn new strategies on book marketing, digital marketing, and brand improvement, among others. Season experts and best-selling authors will conduct panel discussions and workshops. Among the expected keynote speakers include Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D. (Leads Magnets), bestselling author and speaker Krista Neher (Personal Branding), and popular radio personality and also a bestselling author, Kate Delaney of America Tonight with Kate Delaney (Attracting Raving Fans).

One of the highlights for participating authors is the Author of the Hour. Here, the authors get to promote their book, answer questions, and talk more about their author brand. This is rarely featured in most book fairs, let alone in virtual book fairs. ReadersMagnet ensures that participating authors get maximum exposure and are able to reach their respective target audience, despite the virtual setup. Participants will be able to enjoy games and other surprises during the said virtual book event.

Overall, just like other book fairs, The Festival of Storytellers 2021 is expected to cater to participating authors’ need for visibility and marketing. Also, it is a chance to stay ahead of the game, especially during this great pandemic. Plus, what is truly great about TFOS is that it is FREE to access. Participants can also review workshops and take notes after the event has taken place. All you need is a stable internet connection, and you can enjoy one of the coolest book events happening this April.

A Virtual Event for All Booklovers

For book fans, participating in this year’s The Festiva of Storytellers is a chance to check out all the events, authors, and their respective titles. With over a hundred books listed in the event, there is plenty in store for all booklovers. It doesn’t matter if you’re into children’s books, sci-fi novels, romance, mystery, fantasy, memoirs, or spiritual and inspirational books; we got it all for you. We also have a solid number of participating authors from non-fiction categories.

For book fans, The Festival of Storytellers is a great opportunity to know more about your favorite authors. The Author of the Hours sessions is a platform wherein you can discover many things about your favorite author. Just like the usual book fair events, you can also observe the programs and activities virtually from the comforts of your home.

For aspiring authors, we cannot stress enough the value of taking part in a free virtual book fair with over a hundred participating authors and writers. This is your chance to observe and learn more about what published authors do and perhaps discover their literary journey or how they started out. Like you, these authors began with a dream of writing and publishing their own stories one day. The Festival of Storytellers is your ticket to getting lessons and inspirations from those who have made it. It doesn’t matter if you are still writing a manuscript or on your way to publishing your first book; what is important is your take part in a book event that will provide you with more wisdom and encouragement.

So what are you waiting for? Check out our official TFOS 2021 website and reserve a seat for free.