The upcoming virtual book fair, The Festival of Storytellers, is a grand event for readers and authors to celebrate the amazing storytellers in literature. ReadersMagnet wants nothing more but a fun and great experience for everyone attending the event. Thus, to add something special, ReadersMagnet is proud to present the hottest keynote speakers who bring in an outside voice, teaching tactics and motivations for aspiring and established authors. 

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Get to Know This Year’s Keynote Speakers: 

Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith

  • Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith is a board-certified internal medicine physician, work-life integration researcher, and author of many books, including the latest and successful Sacred Rest book. 
  • She is an achiever who graduated with honors and now has a lengthy background in clinical practice. 
  • She first lends her knowledge to teaching as a faculty at Baker College and Davenport University, teaching courses on health, nutrition, and disease progression. 
  • Now, she shares her voice to the world to help increase happiness, allowing anyone to live their best life. 
  • Dr. Dalton-Smith has been booked by numerous outlets just to hear her speak about topics, such as effective communication, empowerment, and embracing change. 
  • Her motivational speeches will help every person to reshape their views without sacrificing happiness. Her insights have greatly influenced many worldwide. 

Watch out for Dr. Saundra Dalton-Smith during her presentation on Lead Magnets for Publishing this April 23 (FRI) and April 30 (FRI)

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Krista Neher

  • Krista Neher is a 6-time bestselling author, international speaker, award-winning entrepreneur, global thought -leader, and CEO of Boot Camp Digital. 
  • She is a digital marketing pioneer and executed digital strategies before the word was even recognized. 
  • She is a sought-after speaker for her extensive knowledge of Social Media and Marketing. 
  • She is a very successful woman willing to help people, especially authors, regarding the ins and outs of marketing. 
  • Neher has worked for leading organizations, such as Facebook, Google, NASA, Nike, Harley-Davidson, and the United States Senate.
  • Her work does not stop as she continues to lend her voice to groups around the world. 

Watch out for Krista Neher during her presentation on Personal Branding this April 24 (SAT) and May 2 (SUN)

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Kate Delaney

  • Kate Delaney is not a new name in the industry. She has worked with ReadersMagnet, featuring our amazing self-published authors, introducing them to her listeners through America Tonight. 
  • Delaney is a dynamic speaker who won an Emmy Award for her power-packed presentations. 
  • She is America’s number one female sports commentator, talk show host, author, speaker, and leader in the world of sports broadcasting. 
  • Her presentations get anyone into action, ingraining the techniques, tools, and principles brought about by her. 
  • She has the capability to empower organizations and individuals to soar high and achieve results. 
  • She has broadcasted for significant events, including the Super Bowls, MLB All-Star Games, the U.S. Opens to the New Hampshire Primary. 
  • She also lent her talents to transforming nationwide organizations such as the Las Vegas Thunder, Golden State Warrior, and Boys & Girls Clubs of America. 

Watch out for Kate Delaney during her presentation on Attract Raving Fans this April 25 (SUN) and May 1 (SAT)

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The Festival of Storytellers is ReadersMagnet’s first-ever online Book Festival from April 23rd to April 25th and April 30th to May 2nd 2021. All of this will not be without the partnership of Book Aid International, Boot Camp Digital, and Orange Digital Technologies.

The Festival of Storytellers has a lot more in store for you so what are you waiting for? Become the author you’ve always aspired to be and save yourself a seat to these presentations.

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