The Festival of Storytellers: All You Need to Know

With the help of the fast-paced digital world, the new normal that everybody has to observe is not as discrete as everyone thinks it is. This is because the internet has provided people with ways on how to cope up. Not to mention social events are leaning towards having it virtual. Book festivals are not an exception. For the past years, ReadersMagnet has been part of the biggest book events in the country as exhibitors. That served as the way for us to see how significant literary events are to the lives of any participants, from book lovers to successful authors. Thus, to contribute to this amazing movement, we have organized our very first virtual book festival, The Festival of Storytellers.

The Festival of Storytellers is something that every book enthusiast should watch out for. Not only will this be one of the events that ReadersMagnet is mostly preparing but there will be amazing things that will be featured. below are the things you should know about the events:

The handful of reasons why you should be joining TFOS.

You already know, especially if you have been one who participates in book affairs, you will immensely benefit from it in do doubt. The Festival of Storytellers will serve as a path for everyone Because of all the things that have been happening in the world, right now, the most right action to take is an online event. With this, you will be able to experience this wonderful event in the comfort of your home. Imagine, you will be going to make the most out of it with whatever clothes you opt to wear, wherever you want, and whatever gadget you want to use. You can hear everything from an amazing author who can give you a handful of insights. Do you want to know more great things about it? You will be able to get to enjoy and experience all of it for FREE! Plus, if you can secure an early bird seat for yourself sooner before everyone else does! You can also get a chance to win and receive bonuses if you do register in advance. What are you waiting for? Go get registered now! Don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

What you need to prepare for the exhilarating event.

Are you excited enough to experience all of the mentioned information above? You probably would be glad to hear the following details we’ll be sharing with you about it.

Remember that this is a three full-day event, and you want to dedicate your time interacting with other book lovers, witnessing live keynote speakers, meeting your favorite authors, and winning giveaways from authors. So, as soon as today, you want to have something planned out from work or school. The book festival will be running from Friday, April 23rd to Sunday, April 25th, 2021. You want to save those dates as early as possible to free you from other tasks and focus on this mind-blowing affair.

With all those exhilarating details above, you may want some time to process all of it. ReadersMagnet has the same anticipation towards hosting this amazing fair as you. We definitely can’t wait to see you there!

Please feel free to get in touch if you have more queries about The Festival of Storytellers. Don’t miss this opportunity and grab your tickets today, and we’ll see each other there!