Pinterest is more than a giant tack board where you can pin things neatly. The online brand publicist has seen the wild growth of this social media tool after its co-founders Ben Silbermann, Evan Sharp, and Paul Sciarra launched this social network in 2010.  This social media network has become a platform that allows users to share and save content into virtual collections called Pinboards.
The Pinterest Momentum

Pinterest is getting the readers pedestal, from its 1.6 million registered users last September 2010 to 176 million registered users in the latest update last January 2015. It is also expected that its users will boost to 200 million by March 2017. As an author, you can certainly use these data to your advantage. You need to start widening your horizon and Pinterest should be part of this action you need to take. With all the blogs, images, and updates that you have about you and your book, you should start pinning these and see how the odds will be in your favor. The possibilities are unlimited in this social network where you are allowed to pin a link to a website, upload an image, create a video, and share other users’ content. Pinterest will help you connect and interact with your readers through visuals, this is exemplified in the process of “pinning.”

Pinning and Content Marketing
It is also true that Pinterest is a social networking-bookmarking tool, because all of the updates that you “pin” will remain for a very long period of time and will have more chances of getting “repins.” For you to get these repins you need to pin unique, informative, and interesting updates; however, you should not forget that you will always need to produce your own content to help you create your own brand and identity online. Nothing is more powerful than having content marketing and optimizing it through a reliable social media outlet which is Pinterest. As an author, don’t be an ordinary author advertised, be THE AUTHOR that has HIS OWN IDENTITY that no matter where he is, what he does, and what outlet he used, HE IS ALWAYS IDENTIFIED!
Pinterest Allows You to Engage Readers

As you attract and interact with your readers, you are encouraging them to follow you and out of this, you are building your very own audience. Readers would always want to get the updates of their authors and about their book and once you engage your readers you will surely make them stay. As an author is it very important to keep the fire burning in your readers, apart from attracting and building them, you definitely need to know HOW to make them stay. The only way to do this is by engaging them, let them know what’s happening with you and your book and give them relevant information that will help them grow as your readers.

As you’re packing the necessities to your online marketing campaign, don’t forget to add Pinterest in your decision. This social network will offer you limitless possibilities and opportunities, that will surely help you reach your validation as a professional author.