Virtual Book Fairs such as The Festival of Storytellers allow us to share stories amidst these trying times.

A year ago, the world went on a standstill because of the current pandemic. Our lives changed, and many are still coming to grips with the losses, the uncertainty, and the evolution of the new normal. Covid-19 also brought other tragedies such as economic and political crises, anxiety, depression, suicides, and various breakdowns. For the first time in a hundred years, we witness mass hysteria, panic buying, banning of domestic travels and international flights. Millions have lost their jobs, separated from families, and unsure of what the future holds. Today, the pandemic remains, but people are beginning to pick up the pieces and determined to move forward.

Turning Tragedy to Beautiful Stories 

While the year 2020 brought grief and sadness, it also brought hope, resilience, and solidarity. Despite many of us holed up in our homes and shelters, we’ve managed to survive and adapt. The pandemic saw news of death and riots and rage, but it also paved the way for stories of heroism, sacrifice, selflessness, kindness, innovation, resourcefulness, and above all, faith in humanity. The crisis forced many of us to be creative, ingenious, and magnanimous. And these are the stories that are worth sharing. Despite the pandemic, writers, filmmakers, poets, and artists continued to produce significant and timely artworks, drawing inspirations from the stories mentioned above. No matter the adversities, the majority of us were still able to turn these tragedies into beautiful lessons and inspiring stories. And it is our task to share those stories so that we can move forward into a better future.

2021 The Festival of Storytellers

The early part of 2020 saw the cancellation and postponement of many outdoor activities such as trade fairs and exhibitions. There are a few who manage to pull it off by switching to virtual events. Book fairs and trade shows are important not only for authors and publishers but for the reading public as well.

ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers 2021 is set to launch its annual show via a six-day virtual event. This year’s TFOS will run from April 23 to 25 and April 30 to May 2, 2021. This is ReadersMagnet’s first-ever online book festival. For many years, ReadersMagnet has taken part in many prestigious national and international book fairs and exhibitions. This year, the self-publishing company decided to honor the tradition of sharing stories by coming up with their very own virtual book fair.

With hundreds of authors within and outside the ReadersMagnet community, The Festival of Storytellers 2021 is expected to gather aspiring authors, seasoned writers, artists, self-published authors, and book marketing experts.

ReadersMagnet and this year’s TFOS

ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers 2021 will be a virtual event. Hence, there are several perks for taking part in the 2021 TFOS. The following perks are as follows:

  • The Festival of Storytellers is FREE to access. There’s no need for pricey extras such as transport or accommodation.
  • You can view the content from anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection.
  • There’s no need to get dressed up or even get up to attend digital festivals. Watch from your bath, bed, or in the garden.
  • The range of speakers can be much greater as guests can join in from anywhere on the planet.
  • You can replay interviews and workshops, which makes it easier to take notes.

Overall, The Festival of Storytellers 2021 is proof that now is still a great time to tell stories despite the odds and challenges. The TFOS not only allows you to share your narratives with the rest of the world but to be a part of something that ReadersMagnet has never done before. That said, we hope to see you this April.

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