ReadersMagnet is set to join the HKDTC Hong Kong Book Fair 2023, one of the largest book events in Asia.

Hong Kong Book Fair 2023 showcases a wide selection of high-quality books, brings together storytellers worldwide, and hosts cultural activities, creating a vibrant gathering of literary marvels. Out of the numerous book events in the region, the Hong Kong Book Fair is one of the largest annual book fairs in Asia.

Last year, under the theme “Reading the World: Stories of Hong Kong,” the fair attracted 700 exhibitors and had an attendance of 850,000 visitors. Unlike book fairs in the United States, the Hong Kong Book Fair permits the sale of books, not just their display, providing a significant advantage for self-published authors. Supported by esteemed organizations such as the Association of Christian Publishers and the Educational Booksellers Association, the book fair is accompanied by exciting events like the Sports and Leisure Expo, World of Snacks, Education & Careers Expo, and more. These activities occur at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.


Established in 1966, the HKTDC is a governmental organization with the primary objective of promoting and advancing trade in Hong Kong. It plays a crucial role in organizing international exhibitions, offering valuable market insights, and facilitating business opportunities for companies, small and medium enterprises (SMEs). As the organizing body, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council is dedicated to nurturing the local reading culture by encouraging the public to explore and purchase books at the book fair. The precursor to the Hong Kong Book Fair can be traced back to the annual exhibition at City Hall, organized by the Hong Kong Publishing Federation.

ReadersMagnet joins Hong Kong Book Fair 2023 

This summer, ReadersMagnet will embark on an exciting journey to the vibrant and bustling city of Hong Kong, where we will share exceptional stories. Driven by our deep desire to become globally competitive and connected, we will bring the outstanding literary works of our beloved authors to The Hong Kong International Book Fair. Since its establishment in 1990, this event has grown into a significant annual occurrence in Hong Kong, with an increasing number of visitors yearly. The Hong Kong Trade Development Council, organizes the yearly Hong Kong International Book Fair.

In addition to giving an opportunity to acquire high-quality books, book enthusiasts will delight in the diverse array of cultural activities offered at the fair. Attendees worldwide can anticipate exhibits and events aligned with the fair’s overarching theme, immersing them in Hong Kong’s cultural, historical, and literary treasures. We invite you to join us in celebrating the art of storytelling at this week-long event in Wan Chai. Together, let us create an excellent platform that allows everyone to appreciate a multitude of stories from various corners of the globe that will touch their hearts and broaden their horizons.

ReadersMagnet is dedicated to helping both aspiring and experienced authors achieve their aspirations. We guide the self-publishing journey, offering expert advice, a variety of publishing and marketing packages to choose from, editorial support, and additional resources. Our goal is to deliver exceptional, author-friendly services that align with your budgetary needs and creative vision.

Join us at the 2023 Hong Kong Book Fair from July 19th to July 25th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Visit our booths, 1C-B23 and 1C-B25, to discover captivating stories and literary treasures. Immerse yourself in a world of imagination and inspiration. Take advantage of this opportunity to connect with ReadersMagnet at the heart of the book fair. Please mark your calendars and visit for more information. See you there!