More stories and surprises this 2021!

Now armed with the lessons of 2020, ReadersMagnet is fired up about working to provide authors with flexible options and increased opportunities to share their stories and ideas with the world. The self-publishing company is also working on initiatives to increase engagement between authors and readers impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. The best is here, and there more is to come not only for ReadersMagnet but also for authors and readers. 

Things To Look Forward To This Year infographics

ReadersMagnet looks forward to the following in 2021:

Canadian titles

ReadersMagnet’s expansion into Canada will help the Great White North’s aspiring, and established authors share their stories and ideas to the world. The self-publishing company provides authors – and will continue to offer more – options for publishing and sharing their stories. 

Ingram advertising

ReadersMagnetmakes it more possible for self-published authors to get their titles in as many places as possible. ReadersMagnet’s partnership with Ingram, the book industry’s leading distributor of print and digital content, will benefit authors in both the U.S. and Canada. 

Audiobook publishing

ReadersMagnet helps authors break into the fast-growing audiobook marketing through audiobook publishing. Authors will enjoy not only the advantage of publishing their books in audio format but also the advantage of having their works narrated by professional voice-over artists.

Web traffic optimization (WTO)

ReadersMagnet sees more demand for its WTO services this 2021 as more authors now want to know how digital marketing – in the form of WTO – works. WTO helps authors increase their website views and visits, understand their audience better, fine-tune their marketing strategies, and sell more copies of their work. 

Book events 

If time and situation allow in 2021, ReadersMagnet will rock the book events again. In the meantime, the self-publishing house will do more and better with virtual book events, promising more features and opportunities for both authors and readers to get more involved and engage more. 

ReadersMagnet looks forward to a more prosperous and productive 2021.