As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, ReadersMagnetfinds opportunities and ways to expand the business, level up authors’ satisfaction and celebrate success, as well as the small things in life. Let’s take a look at the milestones ReadersMagnet has achieved during the pandemic: 

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ReadersMagnet’s 200th title

ReadersMagnet celebrates a major milestone in July 2020 with the publication of its 200th title: The Three Keys to Our Relationship with God by Roslynn Bryant. The self-publishing company remains committed to enriching the culture of sharing and learning, even in the pandemic. 

Virtual book events

The COVID-19 pandemic canceled many national and international book events. It has also helped increased people’s appetite for books, authors, artists, and online bookstores. Above all, it has helped open the minds of authors, thought leaders, and book event organizers to the idea of virtual book exhibits. 

ReadersMagnet took part in the following virtual book exhibits: 

  • L.A. Times Festival of Books, Stories & Ideas
  • New York Library Association (NYLA) 2020 Annual Conference & Trade Show 
  • National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Annual Convention

ReadersMagnet’s expansion in Canada

ReadersMagnet announced their expansion into the Great White North around the country’s Thanksgiving season. The supported self-publishing house featured Nelly JulchenRempel, author of the children’s book My Kids Bubbles and Bubbly: Duck as a Third Language. Nelly is a retired social worker originally from Struan, Saskatchewan, and currently living in Port Robinson, Ontario. 

By expanding into Canada, ReadersMagnet aims to foster the country’s culture of reading, storytelling, and ideas. 

New services

Amid the pandemic, the supported self-publishing company launched a couple of new publishing and marketing services to help authors share their stories with the world. 

Ingram advertising. Ingram is the book industry’s leading distributor of print and digital content. Ingram’s relationship with booksellers, libraries, and specialty bookstores makes them a vital partner in helping authors get their titles in as many places as possible. By advertising in Ingram catalogs thru ReadersMagnet, you give your book the most comprehensive coverage possible.

Book Awards Services. Book awards are valuable marketing tools and additional publicity. ReadersMagnet aims to help self-published authors get their books noticed through book awards exclusively for self-published titles. Winning authors get more than just a plaque, prize money, and constructive feedback from judges, but influence. 

Audiobook Publishing. ReadersMagnet offers audiobook publishing for authors who want to break into the fast-growing audiobook market. The audiobooks are narrated by professional voice-over actors and made available through Audible and iTunes. 

Website Traffic Optimization

ReadersMagnet launched Website Traffic Optimization (WTO) to help authors maximize their websites’ effectiveness, marketing, and traffic potential. In other words, WTO is search engine optimization (SEO), content marketing, and social media marketing rolled into one. This service is open even to authors who didn’t have their websites through ReadersMagnet. 

Whether in a pandemic or not, the company’s focus remains the same: to help authors share their stories with the world.