ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair is on the way, and participants are in for fantastic treats.

The Festival of Storytellers is just weeks away. ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair gathers some over a hundred authors and titles in this marvelous effort to share stories with the world. With games, discussions, and workshops, this exciting event is sure to inspire both authors and book lovers. Here are ten perks of taking part in The Festival of Storytellers 2021.

The Festival of Storytellers is Free

Webinars are not free. Online tutorials are expensive. Masterclasses are hardly affordable. And yes, virtual events are not free. Well, most. However, you can kiss that worry goodbye with ReadersMagnet’s first-ever virtual book fair because The Festival of Storytellers is for FREE to access. There is no need for you to dispense cash for transport or accommodation. Enjoy TFOS 2021 for free.

Accessibility to Fair Content Online

Because it is a virtual book fair, you only need an internet connection. Once you are connected with the fair’s link, you can access the content and enjoy the activities anywhere in the world as long as you have an internet connection. Check out the authors, the books, and other features of the 2021 The Festival of Storytellers and be part of the coolest virtual literary event this April.

A Book Fair Right in Your Bedroom

It is probably the most desired perk of any virtual event- accessibility of a formal book fair right in the convenience of one’s home. You can enjoy the 2021 The Festival of Storytellers anytime, anywhere. You can enjoy it in your bedroom or living room while doing other stuff, or even monitor it while in your garden or relaxing in a massage parlor. Attending a book event has never been this easy and hassle-free.

Remarkable Speakers and Guests

The Festival of Storytellers will run from April 23rd to April 25th and April 30th to May 2nd, 2021. There will be activities that will feature some of the prominent figures in their respective fields for six days. They will take on specific topics and interests. Our special speakers will include Saundra Dalton-Smith M.D. (Leads Magnets), Bestselling author and speaker Krista Neher (Personal Branding), and America Tonight Host, and a bestselling author herself, Kate Delaney (Attracting Raving Fans).

You Can Review Workshops Anytime

What Makes ReadersMagnet’s The Festival of Storytellers a truly remarkable virtual book fair event is that aside from its free accessibility, you can also review most, if not all, the events in the fair. You can replay workshops, speeches, and other happenings. In many cases, virtual book fairs are live, and if you missed it, then it will take you a while to see what transpired. You’re lucky if you can get a YouTUbe upload of the event. With TFOS 2021, you can just simply replay.

Link Up with Over a Hundred Authors

The Festival of Storytellers will gather more than a hundred authors from different book genres and areas of interest. That alone is reason enough for you to attend this amazing virtual book fair. From children’s illustrated book authors to sci-fi novelists to inspirational authors, the first-ever Readersmagnet virtual book fair promises to be a celebration of stories and a gathering of fantastic people.

Be Ahead of Your Competitors Today

Let’s face it, as an author, you have to compete with other authors within your genre. This time of the great pandemic, many authors choose to lay low or spend the time at home creating new materials. Many choose to skip public engagements or be active online. Participating in The Festival of Storytellers gives you the advantage to promote your book.

Boost Your Marketing Strategy Now!

Speaking of book promotion, virtual events such as The Festival of Storytellers also gives you other benefits. Online visibility, which is a key component in your marketing strategy, is one of them. Another is social media engagements. Media mileage is also a great advantage. Attending book events virtually automatically boosts your marketing strategy.

Being a Pioneer is a Great Experience

The Festival of Storytellers is the first-ever virtual book fair sponsored by ReadersMagnet. ReadersMagnet has been in the publishing and marketing industry for four years, and we are pretty sure that this will not be the last virtual book fair that we will be doing. So on that note, being a participant in the first TFOS is certainly a great experience.

Remain Active Despite the Pandemic

Being active is important for every author, especially for self-publishing ones. Unlike established authors, indie ones have to struggle building reputation, visibility, and cementing one’s author brand. Being active ensures that people notice you and consider you as a serious writer. Attending major events such as book fairs and book signing events will go a long way and will help you build your portfolio. So stay active as you join us this April at The Festival of Storytellers 2021!