ReadersMagnet shares life lessons through four unique narratives.


The 2019 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books is less than a month away. Self-Publishing company ReadersMagnet is expected to showcase its signed authors in the largest book festival in the country. For the book signing event, here is the last batch of authors with different stories each offering valuable lessons.

Life’s lesson should begin at childhood as what Garbriella Eva Nagy’s Enchanted Rainbows teaches us.

Garbriella Eva Nagy’s

Enchanted Rainbows remind us that fun and happiness are great teachers as well.

Values shape a person’s attitudes and perspective in life. There is no better way to mold someone into a decent human being than teaching them values early in life. Hungarian-American author Gabriella Eva Nagy’s Enchanted Rainbows is more than your average children’s illustrated book. Here, Gabriella Eva Nagy uses the beautifully crafted illustration to teach a very important lesson- how to value other people. Greeting someone you love a happy birthday is more than a perfunctory duty, it is an opportunity to tell them how much they mean to us. Enchanted Rainbows offers a pleasant representation of a core value every kid should learn at a young age.


The world is a vast university of learning according to Robert D. Easton’s voyage book.


Robert Easton's Sailing Around the World in 300 Days

Cruise adventures and beautiful discoveries in Robert Easton’s Sailing Around the World in 300 Days.

Three oceans, 61 ports, and 300 days of adventure aboard a ship, equals endless lessons on exploration, people and culture. In February of 1979, Robert Easton sailed to sea via the Yankee Trader along with 75 others and a crew of 20 plus people. Easton’s Sailing Around the World in 300 Days: The Last World Cruise of the Yankee Trader, is not only a book about circumnavigation. It is also Robert Easton’s record about the beauty of nature, appreciation of various people around the globe, and the beautiful lessons that a life of adventure offers. Here, we can feel his excitement with each port, with every new discovery, and the serenity of each sunset.


Authors Donna Bevan-Lee and Evelyn Cole prove that dark pasts offer valuable lesson as well.


ReadersMagnet's Book Display and Book Signing Event this April 13-14

Two interesting works part of ReadersMagnet’s Book Display and Book Signing Event this April 13-14.

Evelyn Cole’s The Underbelly is more than a story of two contrasting lives. Here, Cole successfully paints two different truths- Jacquelyn’s suburban reality and harsh Worcester slums that of Trishita. The Underbelly is more than a fast-pace suspense thriller, it’s also filled with biting lessons in today’s detached modern society.

On the other hand, Dr. Donna Bevan-Lee came up with a non-fiction work that is a must read for everyone who wishes to know more about childhood traumas. Written by someone who survived dark and tough childhood, Iron Legacy: Childhood Trauma and Adult Transformation is both a firsthand account and a guide in helping others understand, accept, and eventually overcome the scars of child abuse. The book is a compilation not only of Lee’s own childhood history but also the sum of her own comprehensive research, and forty years of clinical experience with her own patients. Iron Legacy is both incisive and inspiring, to say the least.

These four unique works will be included in Readersmagnet’s Book Display and Book Signing event during the Los Angeles Times Festival of Books this April. Contact ReadersMagnet today and avail of their Book Fair Content Distribution services and other self-publishing services. You can reach them at their Office Number: (619) 354 2643 Toll Free Number: (800) 805 0762 Fax Number: (661) 338 1442.