Books are treasures; reading books on Kindle is pleasurable. Win a Kindle by joining the ReadersMagnet’s Scavenger Hunt at the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition this month.

What does it look like for you navigating the booths at the American Library Association Annual while hoping to win a prize? Yes, while exploring the Walter E. Convention Center in Washington DC from June 23 until June 28, 2022, you can have the chance to win a brand new Kindle from ReadersMagnet.

Is owning a Kindle worth aiming for? To be honest, sniffing a new copy of a book is ecstatic for a bibliophile. Nonetheless, a Kindle makes your volumes of favorite literary masterpieces handy, especially if you want to read while on a train or during your pastime.

In addition to the convenience of owning a Kindle, you can also have the following benefits.

  1. Free Books: The books on Kindle are legally uploaded. You can get free copies of literary works on your tool. You have to take note though that not all books on Kindle are free. Nevertheless, you can get a chance of owning Classics right at your fingertips.
  2. Paperless: Aside from the ease of not carrying heavy volumes of books, Kindle has the advantage of helping in saving our trees.
  3. Access to Online Collections: Online libraries can also be accessed through Kindle. If you have codes, you can freely enter on digital platforms for eBooks.
  4. Eye-friendly: Kindle is designed to be eye-friendly. Reading on the device with your bare eyes could be relaxing like flipping on their book counterparts.
  5. Play Games and Music: Leaving aside the books, Kindle has features where you can listen to your favorite music or play games to amuse yourself.

The above-mentioned items are just a few of the advantages of owning a Kindle for bookworms. Joining the ReadersMagnet’s Scavenger Hunt is one of your way to win a Kindle.

With only as low as $25, you can enter the ALA Annual Conference and Exhibition at the Walter E. Convention Center. Read our previous blogs to learn more or visit the website of The Festival of Storytellers.

Alternatively, you can directly call us or send us an email for further assistance.